I’m aware I could be using my time more wisely, but after this I’ll be going back to that awful chore of looking for a job. I did have a job, that is true. But my contract ended on Friday. I’m not just bored, I’m a whole bunch of things that I plan to ignore. I thought I’d channel my feelings of being useless into writing about a band that I really like because I can do that. Just about. Sort of. I don’t know. I went for a run this morning in the rain; certain songs just make you run faster. As if you have a point to prove. Thing is, it doesn’t matter.


There’s a relatively new band called Pink Mexico who are really good. Last year it was a band called Roses that really blew my mind with their sound. This year, I think Pink Mexico are going to do it. Well for me they will. It’s not about airplay or being on the cover of music magazines that will hold you up one minute and slag you off as soon as your record comes out. Pink Mexico released their debut record last year which you can listen to here:

If you want something to make every ounce of fury seem worthwhile, then listen to them. I guess some would say they appeal to fans of Nirvana, but I’m not a fan of Nirvana (is this as bad as me saying I don’t like The Beatles? I know nothing about music anyway.) Pink Mexico don’t sound like Nirvana so dismiss any fool who says they do. Pink Mexico sound like a band you’ve been looking for. You don’t know what sound you’re searching for, but when you hear it you just know. It’s like when you’re looking for a new jacket and you have a rough idea but only until you see it do you know you want it. You understand, right?

Pink Mexico are a band that you need to play as loud as you can stand; I’m pretty sure their live shows will leave the crowd deaf for a while at the end, those are the best shows. They remind me a little bit of Virals, who I saw twice last year. Amazing live. Pink Mexico pretty much reinforce my idea that duos make the best music. I don’t know what it is, but they have something others may not have. They’ve got the rage to make you listen; their sound is incredibly powerful, and people still act like this surge of Folk is still a thing. No way. Guitars were made for music like this.

Songs like A Head Full Of Slime were made for those clubs/bars that nobody wants to go to alone. Out of fear for what is in the depths of them, but they are the best ones by far. The walls know more than the person stood up against them wishes them to know. The sweat covers you- not just your sweat. Personal space is no longer a thing, it doesn’t exist but you don’t care.

The recording for their debut record was in Brooklyn, and Robert (Preston) played all the instruments on the record. It was only until after the release of the record they became a two-piece. John (Chambers) joined and I think they are now based in LA. Prior to Pink Mexico, Robert had been in a slew of bands but with Pink Mexico he’s hopefully found “it.” Whatever “it” may be. He’s an incredible musician, as is John. When you’ve got two brilliant musicians like this making music, they can do anything. They’ve got the guts and passion. I can’t wait to hear more from them. I always said if I was a millionaire, I’d fly out all the bands I love to the UK and get them shows. Pink Mexico are one of those bands that make me wish I was rich so I could do this, but I’ve got nothing. My jeans are starting to rip in unconventional places, but it’s alright.

Trial and error got Robert to where he is with Pink Mexico; they deserve every ounce of success.

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