GIRL TEARS- Kill For Love


“Don’t know who I am,
But I know that I would kill for love.”


One of the most noisiest and magnificent bands around have JUST put out the video to their new single, Kill For Love. Girl Tears are a band to slam your body into a wall to, or into another person. Maybe the latter is more “socially acceptable” so I guess you shouldn’t do it. Don’t do it. Never do it. Ever.

I can’t write hundreds of words about the video or song. I can do it about the band, and I’ve done it before. I’ll hold it for now. You can watch this minute video clip right here:

The cassette will be out this month on Lolipop Records. Again, Girl Tears are another fine band from the West Coast of America starting to make a glorious noise, a beautiful and rambunctious noise. The kind of band you know you just HAVE to see live.

Get their record here:

Play loud. Annoy your neighbour with it; especially if they are obnoxious and rude. You’re welcome.

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