Frank’s Daughter make music that fully justifies my idea that duos make the best music. Of course not all duos are any good; I’m sure we can all think of some that are quite crap. But it’s all down to personal taste and I’m not someone who ever thinks they are right. I’m usually wrong, but it’s no big deal. I think I’m right with my opinion on Frank’s Daughter. Their debut LP, The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling came out in July last year and the dark, haunting feel of the record was something I instantly fell in love with.

The record opens with We Were Waves Once, and towards the end of last year they were giving away a free MP3 of the Sjöar remix of the song. I’m not someone who  goes out of their way to listen to remixes of songs, I guess I like to cling onto the original versions. Yet there are occasional remixes that stay true to the original. The remix and record version of We Were Waves Once both have a chilling feel to them; exposing just how vulnerable the vocals are. This is the kind of music to leave everything behind to, but I don’t know if you’re searching for anything. I guess we all are, deep down.

What I adore about Frank’s Daughter is their fragile sound that feels like a safety net. They sound as frail as you but something about them protects you. Maybe it’s the reassurance that someone else gets it, you know. Sometimes that’s the most comforting feeling, other times it is quite frightening.

For me, Frank’s Music make the kind of music that those like Burial, James Blake and Deptford Goth make- made for listening to in the dark. Whether you’re making your way home by foot or public transport or sat alone in the darkness. They are perfect for a state of solitude and clarity.

You can listen to the gorgeous remix here: and get a free copy of it here:

Drift off to sleep to their music and have beautiful dreams.

Goodnight x

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