A book can make you feel like you’re in a hidden world that no one else can ever uncover. A song can make you wish you were somewhere else and by the time it is over, you’re there. Not all bands have the nous to do such a thing. Or sometimes they work too hard doing it, they sound nothing like they want to.

I wrote about Sons Of An Illustrious Father last year, and from that I was opened up to a scene in New York that is not like anything else I’ve heard before. Thankfully they are not part of a movement that make songs about how bored they are. Nor are they sickly love songs that make you want to gauge your eyes out. I can’t put Sons in a genre box for you; I don’t have the right to do that and people who listen to only one genre of music are quite dull. Never trust anyone who says they only listen to bands like Mumford & Sons. There’s a wealth of music out there and to only limit yourself to one kind is pretty daft. If I only listened to Punk I’d only be listening to dead musicians pretty much and I’d never go to shows. That would be quite boring. Through listening intensely to one, I subjected myself to other bands. From other bands telling me to do so or for accidentally finding them in the depths of certain websites I expose myself to as much music as I can. I don’t care if it is some unheard Howlin’ Wolf song or it is something brand new, made by some one person genius in their bedroom- I want to hear it. I have to. So where to Sons come into all of this?

They’re a band that make music that feels like a menacing fairytale. Their sound was made for bitterly cold weather. When you think because the sun is out it will be a little warmer. It isn’t. You become so cold you are numb but you have Sons music playing in your ears and a feeling of bliss takes over. Do you accept yourself yet? Sons make music to accept yourself to. Listen to their music whilst staring at your reflection for clarity and out of fear. Disdain, possibly.

No Mercy and Loveletting were recorded at the hub of all things euphoric and meaningful- Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen produced by the man who everyone should strive to be produced by, Oliver Ignatius. The combination of Sons and Oliver means your ears ar going to be subjected to some raw and passionate sounds. Sounds that unleash your fury and your doubt. A mirror isn’t the only thing that is your reflection; it’s in music too. A mirror may not lie but music picks up on the hidden things. The things that really count. Sons aren’t afraid to be open with their music and lyrics. Their open ways is what makes them accessible and believable.

You can listen to the songs here: and whilst you’re at it, do some exploring with their music. And to their music. Don’t be afraid of what you find.


  1. How elegant. I quite appreciated your appreciation of them and how you vocalized it. It is just that type music you listen to alone, even when surrounded by a crowd. The music that really makes you reconsider life and its meaning. It is almost transcending. It is almost not music, but rather a movement occurring depth within your being.

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