When music is dark and sinister, it projects such rawness and the ability to take the listener somewhere else. The mundane drawls of repetitive songs on the radio (it doesn’t matter which station) don’t do this. You have to search deep for something else, or be fortunate enough for them to approach you. The latter is the reasoning behind this.

When I wrote about TGWSC the first time, what got me was their hypnotic sounds. They had a futuristic glow to their music. By this I mean I was hopeful that the future of music was going to head this way. Maybe it will happen; I live in hope. They have a new song out, and it isn’t like previous tracks such as Kappa Kappa (I love this song for the Dennis  Bergkamp photo that appears on the Soundcloud link.) Although it is nothing like previous songs, it still has that raw vibe surrounding it. Possibly more than their other songs.

Ankara is chilling and haunting. It is brilliantly terrifying. It has a thriller film atmosphere to it; it’d be perfect in some creepy film where something happens to throw the viewer off completely. There’s a shock element to this track also, but that’s just coming from someone who’s been a fan of the band for some time. For anyone else listening to TGWSC, if Ankara was the first song they ever heard by them- I do hope they are reminded of The Jesus And Mary Chain when Bobby Gillespie was causing a riot on the drums. Ankara is an intense build-up of greatness but the ability to scare. These are the things I truly love about music.

TGWSC evidently don’t make music to please the majority; they make music to please those who truly get it. And if you do get it; you’re one of the lucky ones. To miss out on a band full of such promise and like I said earlier, such a raw feel to their music, would be a shame. It doesn’t matter if they may never be on the main play list of certain radio stations. All that matters is that they keep making music that delves into the ugly depths of our souls and pulls something out.

Let TGWSC frighten you. Let them take you into a world where you can roam free, but a hint of darkness will be hovering over. It will hover over you, but it will not rule you. That’s how most things should be dealt with. I guess we learn that when it is too late. BUT! It isn’t too late to listen to Ankara. If eerie synths and haunting vocals make your heart beat faster; then TGWSC are made for you.

You can listen to Ankara here:

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