FRANK’S DAUGHTER- The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling.





Formed over wine and whiskey in one of the best places I’ve never been to (Brooklyn) Frank’s Daughter make music that is made to be enjoyed alone; in the midst of an emotional breakdown. Purely because they will pull you through. Not much can lure you out when your mind decides to go askew, but they are perfect enough to assist with bettering you. Each song is an insight to how sometimes, when it feels insanely dark- it is sometimes when you are at your best.

They’ve recorded some of their songs in a closed season Alpine hotel when London got too much, or maybe it didn’t provide enough. I fully understand how this city can break and lift one’s spirits at once. Oxford Street is grey hell hole. Soho is a thriving den of the weird and wonderful. You find bliss after a stint in hell.

The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling is one of the best titles for a record I’ve heard in a while; mainly because it fits the mood of the record. Frank’s Daughter posses the darkness that is found in the likes of Placebo; they make you flail about in angst and despair. In a way that doesn’t seem self-pitying but feels like an anticipated catharsis. They manage to provoke all your troubles in a way that, if anyone else did it- you’d be massively pissed off. Frank’s Daughter caress your internal wounds and make you feel as if nothing else even matters. Maybe it is what you need; maybe it’s what we all need.

Song For The Witches is a delicate piece of art; the whole record in general is a gentle rocking of the soul. I’m not a massive fan (or really a small fan) of Radiohead, and I feel quite reluctant to state that Frank’s vocals are similar to Thom Yorke. He’ll probably get it a fair amount because the vast majority of Music “Journalists” are lazy and pretentious. Personally, I feel he has the vulnerability in his vocals that is found in the likes of Antony Hegarty. Vocally they don’t sound the same- but both make you connect to the music in such a heartbreaking way. This is music that just bares complete and utter soul. Soul music. Song For The Witches and Ugly Water are beautifully frail songs with a haunting atmosphere that is set to melt many hearts.

In the piece I wrote about Frank’s Daughter for Music Broke My Bones (here, have some shameful plugging: ) I likened the atmosphere they create to similar bands I really adore such as Deptford Goth and Wife. The kind of music you play late at night when you know the world is asleep, but slumber misses you out.

This debut record is one that as horrifically clichéd as it sounds, should not be ignored. It will heal souls, it will open minds and it will free those who feel trapped in the mundane aspects of their daily lives. And although many have said it about many records in the past (and those to come) The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling sounds like it was created from a band who are well into their career. It just proves that time means nothing; it is in the moment. It is truly beautiful. A perfect duo making perfect music to get you through; and to get through to you.

The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling is made up of soul-filled symphonies with dark moods and heartfelt lyrics. Every moment in all of the songs is rare and to be treasured. What you feel the first time you listen to it will be different to how you feel times after. Moments are created as old ones fade. Frank’s Daughter aren’t for certain kinds of people. They are just for those who want something more, and know it is out there; using music as a means to get there.

You can stream the record here: and you can purchase it here:

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