Last year I completely and utterly fell for a band from Los Angeles that had only one song. It wasn’t a full song; it was just a demo. This is a frequent pattern I launch myself into. I don’t mind though. It is better than missing out on incredible talent.

This band I fell madly for is called LA Witch. Three exquisite female musicians from LA making stunning noise to shock the nervous system in ways you never thought were possible.  I’ve not written anything in some time; I’m not sure why. I think it is because any time I’ve tried to, I’ve thought “No Olivia..just stop.” Then I was sent LA Witch’s debut EP by the band and it all changed. Something clicked as I hit play and listened to LA Witch’s debut EP. They ignited something the first time around, so it is no surprise that they’ve done it again.




Before I tell you about the songs, you should know who they’ve worked with on this exceptional EP. On the EP, the band have worked with Joel Jerome (from Dios Malos and Babies On Acid) and Lucy Miyaki (Tashaki Miyaki and Stone Darling.) Working with greatness means it is no surprise that they have created something truly remarkable, and I can only hope that are hugely proud of themselves. Without delving into “proud parent” mode; I am massively proud of how far they have come from having just one song (Your Way) to an EP with so much fight and determination. This is why I love them.

You Love Nothing is a hazy state of bliss that makes you want to do nothing but listen on repeat. I’d quite happily spend the summer listening to just this record, just this song. LA Witch are the feral cats of the West Coast music scene. They’ll stir something inside of you, and when they do- just know, nothing will be the same ever again. All that was once dull will no longer matter.

Get Lost has a haunting 80s vibe to it. Sort of like The Jesus And Mary Chain meets Noothgrush; but a lot calmer. The fuzzy tones and distorted vocals really justify my love for LA Witch. Then you’ve got the relaxed bluesy feel of Heart Of Darkness. This is like The Long Wives meets Cat Power and they go on a road trip with The Kills. Basically, it’s an astounding EP that deserves to be heard. It needs to be heard.

Tonight is their last show as part of a residency at the Silverlake Lounge. Anyone who’s caught the band live will know just how brilliant their live sets are. I’ve yet to witness it, but I firmly believe it is nothing short of perfect. Silverlake Lounge is one of the many homes on the West Coast that backs new music, and to have LA Witch have a residency there is something truly special.

Their debut EP is available from Friday and will be on their bandcamp page:

LA Witch give you what you need. Whether you want something dreamy or eerie- they’ve got it, and it is all over their debut EP. Make sure you check it out.

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