“We’ve got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity.” ~ Fred Hampton.


Although I use this primarily to ramble on about music, there are just some things that happen in the world that you cannot keep quiet about. There are some things that if they don’t shock or sicken you- then you are out of touch. To not be sickened by what has happened today in America, then you are just as vile as the person who killed Trayvon Martin.

I have no hope in the justice system- regardless of the country. Racism is flowing through society more than before. We’ve not learnt from the past and I don’t think we will learn from this.

If you go way back in time you will see just how unfair the so-called “justice” system is. And now? Now it is no better. Look at the stop and search policy. If you’re not white; you are more than likely going to be searched. And for what? More often than not- nothing. Just because the colour of your skin is different to the person stopping you. There aren’t many things in the world that piss me off, but one thing that really really angers me is racism. To spew words of hate and to act so cruelly to someone because they aren’t the same colour as you is just disgusting and pathetic. But it also is the cause of ruined societies.

I cannot write eloquently when it comes to things like this because my anger shuns my ability to do so. Then again, why should anyone write eloquently when something so horrendous has happened. Was it any surprise really that Zimmerman was acquitted? No. Not much faith was stored in the justice system when he was arrested 44 days after killing Trayvon Martin.

When a hate crime occurs, you can forget the victim ever being thought of or justice going their way. Just look at how the murder of Stephen Lawrence has been treated in England. There are so many cases like this; so when do we fight back? I don’t think anyone can not fight back. I don’t understand how anyone can read what has happened and not want to start some kind of riot to show the world that this cannot go on. It really really cannot go on.

Children do not see colour. They don’t go to school and decide to not be friends with someone because of their colour. It’s usually because someone did something they didn’t like or maybe they had a better lunch than them- but it means nothing. They aren’t born with an idea that they must hate and harm Black people. They are born with innocence. Why can’t we keep hold of that innocence, and to just be kind to each other. My goddaughter doesn’t care if you’re pink, purple or have 2 heads- if you read her a story, she’s your friend for life. They see the person; they don’t care for the outside. It is a shame that most of us don’t live this way.

But what can we do? How can we make sure this doesn’t keep happening? We all know that when change happens, an obstacle always occurs. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, Malcom X spoke up louder than most, Rosa Parks didn’t back down and Harriet Tubman had a wealth of strength that most of us wish we could. These people had visions of a world with no more hate; with no more vicious attacks. Just no more. A great deal of time has passed, and it seems there is a part of society that overlooks this vision and would much rather just see a colour and behave in a vile manner. They spread their hate, but we must keep some sort of hope alive. Keep hold of some faith; but be careful where you place it. I have no idea where, but understandably not in the justice system. Maybe we’re at a loss. Maybe a riot needs to happen for people (and by people I mean the law) to listen. To listen and to do something about it.

A scumbag was spared prison for killing an innocent person. This happens all too often, and something needs to be done. I read that the jury was made up of 6 women. 5 of which were white and one was Hispanic. This is another factor as to why you just knew this verdict was never going to go in Trayvon and his family’s favour. Why was the jury all female? Why was the majority white? Speaks for itself doesn’t it. This whole case was (forgive me if I’ve used the wrong words) doomed from the start.

Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots in her home (no one was harmed) because her husband was abusive. She was protecting herself for the RIGHT reasons- she didn’t kill anyone. She didn’t aim her gun at her husband. She is punished for protecting herself. Zimmerman is set free for killing a young boy. A 17-year-old boy who was walking home. If this doesn’t make you angry, then I dread to think what does.

As I’ve said, I’ve not written this in the most eloquent manner. Anger took over and every word is from the heart. I didn’t write this for anyone but since reading the news this morning it has been the only thing on my mind. Anger and disappointment. I don’t know what the world can do, but we cannot just sit back and watch, and to let it keep on happening.

Just because America has a Black president doesn’t mean that the country is going to be less racist. It doesn’t mean that racism is going to be wiped out. Maybe one day people will be accepting (although I don’t understand why we need to “accept” people because of their colour. People are people; what they look like doesn’t define them. The things they do define them to an extent.) and we will all be treated to with care, and will be gentle with each other. It won’t happen in my lifetime or anytime soon. But maybe one day.


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