Creepy sounding Garage Rock is my favourite. Such as The Gruesomes to Scotland’s finest, The Creeping Ivies. If it creeps me out and has a Garage Rock feel to it, I’ll fall in love with it. If it doesn’t make me feel like I’m in 2013 (and what a shit time to be in) then I’ll be a loving fan for as long as time will allow me.

Mikey & The Drags are a bold yet sensual Garage Rock band that will make the most stiff-jointed person throw their limbs about in a flailing fashion; the pleading vocals and thrashing instrumentals are all played with such vigor, which places them miles in front of anyone else trying to do this style. They make music that is effortlessly rambunctious, every note is a pleasurable punch to the face. You cannot help but declare yourself as their biggest fan as soon as you’ve heard the first few seconds of Spill Your Guts. If I had any musical talent, this is the kind of music I’d want to make. Immediately influential; enough to make you wish you had some musical talent. I listen with frustration and the desire to create something. Yet all I can do is write about how fantastic Mikey & The Drags are, somehow that seems enough. For now.

They play with such power and with a purpose. They play with such bite that you cannot help but be in awe as soon as you hear them. Every time I hear music like this I wish I was a million miles away from where I am or back in a time where this style of music was everywhere. By everywhere I mean basement bars that had questionable health and safety regulations. Back to a time where music had some rawness to it; fortunately we have Mikey & The Drags to kick up a storm and are making something of worth.

A lot of bands that fall into the Garage Rock genre seem to want to play ridiculously fast, causing you to not really appreciate the music as much as you’d like. I’m all for playing as loud and as fast as you can- but Mikey & The Drags seem to have really captured the true essence of Garage Rock yet made the genre their own. Not many can do that, and if they do they sometimes get it wrong. Mikey & The Drags do it so perfectly and brilliantly.

Their songs may be short, but they have that unity feel that is seen in bands such as New York Dolls to The Vagrants. They have a gang vibe to their music. They dress exquisitely; everything just fits their sound wonderfully, which makes everything they do seem so effortless. They aren’t trying to be a certain way just to be “cool.” No one is cool, it’s a redundant phrase. Unless you’re Lou Reed, then it exists. Other than that, we’re just the disciples of him aching to be as poetic. Fortunately Mikey & The Drags have got it right. This is ferocious and fearless music as its best; much-needed and massively appreciated.

I think I need to start some kind of petition to get them to the UK or maybe someone could send me to America to see them. Either option is fine by me.

You can listen to Mikey & The Drags’ soulful and thumping sounds right here : https://soundcloud.com/mikey-20

Play as loud as you can and let your limbs be wild and free. They unleash all that’s been dormant inside of you for far too long. If anyone is going to drag out your inner beast, let it be these guys!

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