R.I.P Chi Cheng.


I’ve been a fan of Deftones for as long as I can remember. I practically lived in a grey t-shirt I hado the band with a cassette tape sprawled across the chest with Deftones written across. I still have the shirt. That shirt holds a lot of memories. A lot.

When I look at it now, I know a wave of sadness will hit.

Chi Cheng was undoubtedly one of the best bassists ever in one of the best bands ever. The way he played was furious and passionate. The way he played was inspirational. It made you want to do something. Anything. Just..something. To know that will never happen again is horrible. Just horrible. Of course we still have the music he created when he was here. Of course we do.

I often play Deftones when I’m at the gym. For some reason I concentrate on music more when I’m there. Just the other day I was listening to them, and more than ever Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) became more apt. That song just oozes all of my frustrations of being stuck where I am. Because I am stuck, with minimal hope of getting out. I listened to it and more than ever I saw myself in that song. Everyone has that one song where it just sums everything up for them; that song is mine.

I never saw Deftones play, but I know if I ever did it’d cause a lifetime obsession of just wanting to see them anywhere and everywhere no matter what. You can love a band all your life and never see them live. It’s not nice, but sometimes that is just how it has to be.

Utter sadness just fills me as I think about Deftones. More so Chi right now. Fortunately I can listen to them still. Sometimes this happens and no part of you can bring yourself to listen to the music. But at the end of it all, music is what we have. What they gave us.

And with the deepest respects and a lot of love; Rest In Peace Chi xx

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