Last year I wrote about a band called Sons Of An Illustrious Father, on the back of that quite a few bands from New York got in touch with me. Something which felt entirely strange. I live thousands of miles away from a music scene that speaks to me. I’m far away from it all, but when I listen to it- I feel like I am there. You create your own sense of belonging. Sometimes you won’t belong, that’s why nothing is permanent. If it was, we’d never do a thing. So a few bands got in touch, and I really enjoyed them all. This Tuesday sees the release of one of them releasing an EP.

Ghost Pal are a collective of incredibly talented musicians from Brooklyn. They have this massive sound to their music which is found in the likes of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. They create this friendly atmosphere to their music, as if you too could be a member of the band. I have a cowbell lying around if that’s any use…No? Didn’t think so.

Their new EP, God Save MCFK is just magnificent. When I’ve written about them before, I have always likened listening to them as some kind of spiritual experience. The last track on the EP, Raja’s Song (Hold On My King) is just so beautiful. The lyrics are so lovely, but there is one line that I just adore that goes, “I will love you through every single day.” There is something so pure and innocent about this line. Something so simple but so utterly special. It is just a gorgeous line. It is the perfect song to end the EP on, and I think (after playing the EP many times) that this is my favourite on God Save MCFK.

As so many have been in Ghost Pal, and still are, you get a true sense of community in the music. They don’t need grand vocals or over the top production to make their point. It is their simple lyrics and heartfelt passion that they play with that make them so easy to connect with. Everything comes from the heart with Ghost Pal, and that’s why you really cannot help but love them.

An EP just isn’t long enough to showcase how brilliant they are. I don’t dance, but songs like God Save Mama Coco’s is enough to make me want to move my limbs in a questionable fashion. I won’t though. I’ll just pretend I have. They make music for hazy summer days and hot nights. They bring out the best in you because you really feel the music; there’s no way that you couldn’t.

But, you’re going to have to wait until Tuesday to get that kind of feeling. But if you can’t wait that long, then you can just hit up their bandcamp page here:

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