Writing about a band that have only one song out is quite tough, but if they create something beautiful then it makes life a little bit easier. And more enjoyable. The last time I did this was when I heard Saint Lou Lou last year and everything changed from then on. How I listened to music after hearing Maybe You was different. I paid more attention to the hidden beauty in the music, and how at times vocals can be made to more vulnerable than the words.

London Grammar are three extremely talented souls from London who make you think, “If Imogen Heap did something with Youth Lagoon, then this is how it would sound.” I adore Imogen Heap and Youth Lagoon so this is pretty much going to be an obsession I have zero control over, not that I mind; far from it.

They have one song (so far) called Hey Now which from the very first note feels like the sun creeping out on a dull day. The vocals ease you, like something warm on a Winter’s day. Why go out and play in the snow when you can stay indoors and feel the beauty and heat from music like this. I’d be utterly content with not hearing anything else but Hey Now for a while. This is the kind of song you play when you are making a long, painful journey to somewhere you hate (mine is London to the Isle of Man because I don’t think anyone gets how much I hate coming back to this piss-stain of an Island.) I can imagine playing this song over and over until my rage towards returning is replaced with, “You can leave again soon.”

Hey Now is 3 and a half minutes of purity and ethereal vibes that could tame anyone, that could melt the coldest of hearts. I think the song has been out just over a month, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve only just heard it but I know it’s going to be one of th and gorgeous songs I will hear all year. Every year I seem to find one song during the first few months of the year, then compare everything else I hear over the year to it. I think I’ve found my song. Everything I hear now will be compared to how stunning this song is, and how will every listen to just hear something else to fall in love with. Completely and utterly. I know nothing about London Grammar, but I do know that they are 3 people who make music to just lose yourself in without a care in the world. Hey Now is like a gentle hand on the shoulder telling you it is all going to be alright, even if you feel otherwise. Maybe, just maybe….it will be.

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