When a piece of music puts you in a trance so you can forget everything around you; that’s when you know you’ve found something that’s going to be a crutch for a long time because nothing ever lasts. No matter how good you think something is or how wonderful it may be, it never really lasts. After a few minutes, your favourite song will end. In time, your favourite band will split up. Life is full of disappointments and glorious moments. It’s just sometimes, the bad ones really fucking stick out. And it aches and you no longer sleep. And nothing makes any sense, and trying just seems pointless.

So with this deathly weight upon your shoulders, something must work eventually. I don’t have the answers, I never will have. I know nothing, and all that I do know is nothing worth repeating. I’m honestly someone you shouldn’t listen to. I’m pretty late on this, but I think you should listen to KINDNESS. Kindness is a guy from Hackney called Adam. He makes music that makes life a little less grim, and I know how hard that must be. You listen to his music (remixes he’s done included) and whatever bad vibes you’re carrying around, they just disappear. I do listen to some music that could drive someone to the edge, but then there’s other stuff I listen to that just…there are no words. You know when you truly love a piece of music, and words escape you? It’s like, when you love someone more than anything in the world and you know that “I LOVE YOU” is not enough, because they are worth more than 3 words that are flung about all too often? For the first time, I can relate to that. Not just with music, but with a person. That’s enough.

So, what Kindness does is ease you in. Sure enough you may want to dance when you listen to his relaxed grooves but you can also be really content with doing nothing but listening to it. I’m probably the worst person to listen to music with. I hate it when people talk through films (I’m not really a fan of films, but the annoyance is there) and when I try to play someone a song and they talk through it? No. It’s not happening. I’ll know it is a wasted effort. You can try to make someone excited over the way a word is sung or certain lyrics; but if it isn’t there, then it isn’t there. As awful and painful as it is. Just listen to it on your own, at least you know you’ll enjoy it.

Kindness for me is like what Burial is to me. The perfect person to listen to when it’s dark out. This is Night Bus vibes all over. Zoning out through headphones; losing yourself in what you hear. Probably missing your stop and having to walk an extra half hour with the streetlights overruling the stars, guiding you home. And it’ll be the best lost half hour you will ever spend.

Listen to Kindness. I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want it. It was just a suggestion…but you should. Really. Please?!

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