Shaun Hencher. Used to be in a band called Lovvers (they were good, go listen) now he’s on his own as VIRALS.

The EP, Strange Fruit will warm your bones and turn your brain to mush because of how gorgeous and how beautifully rambunctious it is. It is the right level of noisy. It is the right setting of rowdy. It’s the kind of EP you play when you feel hopeless and all sense of hopelessness slips from you as you listen to it. If you know nothing about Shaun’s musical background, you’d probably think “Oh he’s from LA.” So wrong you are. So very wrong. He’s from Worcester. You can make your own mind up if anything good has ever come from there. Personally I believe yes something good has come from there; Shaun Hencher of course.

The EP begins with the wonderful Strange Fruit but I think Summer Girls is the one that may take over hearts. And also thoughts. Although it is an EP, and yes you do want more (just hit repeat) you cannot help but be led straight into a warmer climate in dreams as you listen to this blissful piece of art. At times VIRALS remind you of a tame version of Wavves, but it’s just one person doing all this. One person is making this beautiful sound. I know my heart seems to reside with duos but I could easily reel off a list of solo artists that are just as powerful; VIRALS is one of them for sure.

A constant summer mood drifts throughout the EP, making you feel at ease with how the outdoors is quite dull and dark. VIRALS is another reason as to why I wish I had the money to go to SXSW this year, there will never come a time where I don’t hate myself for having no money and not being able to go. One day, one day. I don’t care if I’m 80 years old and I have to crawl to the plane; I will go.

You don’t really need me to tell you how brilliant this EP is, anyone who was a fan of Lovvers knows just how much of a genius Shaun is so of course VIRALS is going to be so close to perfection.

Strange Fruit is out now on Zoo Music (

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