Colleen Green.


I’m going into this knowing nothing about Colleen Green. All I know is that I love her music. That is more than enough isn’t it. Don’t expect too much, or anything from anyone because you’ll fall face first into disappointment.

Today I cleared out my bedroom. Gave away a guitar to someone as I never got round to learning. Threw out my decks because although I can DJ, it was something I never wanted to take further than my bedroom. I’ve placed a handful of filled notebooks on my desk; that’s my passion. Writing. I don’t do it well, but I do it anyway. I’ve written a song/poem a day since I was 13. I’m 26 now. I have boxes and suitcases and drawers full of notebooks and scrappy bits of paper with words on. You don’t need a lot to get by. This is where Colleen Green comes in.

It’s just her and her guitar. Her words. Her voice. And a drum machine.

All the greats started on their own. By greats I mean Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Townes Van Zandt. The ones that tell the stories of your life. Sometimes in a way that goes above your head; but in a way that no other has done either way. I am not comparing Colleen to any of those mentioned. Comparing someone to someone else is never fair, even if you are being kind. She’s just got a brilliant way of telling stories, that make you think that she’s somehow got into your head. Maybe she has.

Her new song, Time In The World is a delicate ode to love. It isn’t overbearing with rhyming couplets and pretentious imagery. It’s the opposite of that, it’s simple. Simple in the best way possible and immediately makes you think of the one you love. It’s up to you if you want to play it to them, but if you want to here’s the link to it:

She makes the kind of music that just makes you want to be entirely lazy and just shrugging everything/everyone off. One of her early releases, Milo Goes To Compton has the insane I Wanna Be Degraded and the Ramones fanatic in me instantly took a shine to this song. I just love her voice, that’s all there is to it really.

You’ve got solo artists like Dirty Beaches who just blow your mind with the way he uses samples and makes you think you are in a time no one really was aware of. Then you have ones like Colleen Green who bring you back to reality (possibly reluctantly) and her easy to relate to lyrics make you feel alright with how difficult/awkward you are at times.

If like me you are sick of everyone going on about the weather (there’s other things to talk about you know) and you want something that takes you away from what you see outside, then listen to Colleen Green. She’ll take you back to that part of your life that many try to distract you from. They try to distract you because they cannot get there themselves. Fools.

Anyway, you can listen to her sounds right here:

It is Los Angeles as its best. DIG.

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