I’m a huge wuss of life, and I always cry at anything to do with animals. I watched a programme about polar bears earlier and cried because they were asleep and made a cute snoring noise. Somewhere, somehow something went drastically went wrong with me. I was meant to be tough, but I went the opposite way. Which I guess is why I love music that is partially creepy and utterly dark. I’ve found a band that will become an obsession, like my love for Pop.1280 amongst others.

K-Holes are from New York. There aren’t many shit bands from New York. Obviously there could be, but I won’t tell you about them. I’ll give you the good ones. K-Holes make a lot of noise. They aren’t really for people who enjoy the quiet things in life. Although that seems daft because I like the quiet but I love loud bands. So I guess I just fucked myself over on that. Not a day goes by where I don’t make things difficult for myself. So, K-Holes.

K-Holes are explosive and so insane. You listen to them and you think you have gone mad, or are about to go mad. That’s the best kind of music. Music that shows you a glimpse of insanity because if you dragged yourself to it, you’d never taste freedom again. But when music does it, it feels a little bit sinister. It feels right too. There’s something about K-Holes that lures you in with everything they have, but they make it seem so effortless. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you just want in. You want to be part of this eerie environment that the pleasantly smack you with. I’ve spent the past hour and a half listening to their music (and also looking at photos of cute dogs telling my girlfriend we need to get them all.) And I’m not sure if I’ve ever enjoyed being freaked out by a band so much in my life. I’m listening to them, and I can’t help but think how fucking incredible their live show must be.  Intimate venues, whisky being thrown around, bodies crashing into each other. You’d leave with some form of injury and the best stories to share in years to come. Oh come to England K-Holes. PLEASE?

Their music echoes like empty cries in a menacing chamber. Their music contains bloody screams, shattering drums and raging, thrashing guitars. Everything I want in a band, and more. This is purely selfish reasons. I’m not fussed if you dig them or not; I just love them and I have to unleash my praises for them. Well done New York, you’ve gone and done it again.

K-Holes are like that build up in a horror film (I mean a decent horror film) where you know something truly bad is going to happen, and as you try to avert your eyes; you still remain fixated on it all. Their music may terrify you, but no part of you wants to turn it off and listen to something more tranquil. As wonderful as it is to listen to ethereal gems, sometimes you just need something so brutal and dangerous. Just to coexist with the other part of you. The part of you that you don’t mind sharing, but the parts you hide? Well, that’s why bands like K-Holes are there. Just let it out, you don’t have to hide it. This is the kind of music to march around to at 1am when the streets are quite and you paint stories in your head to fit the music. I don’t do this, I usually sleep. But I guess some people do that. Whatever works.

You can listen to their sacred and dominating sounds here: http://k-holes.bandcamp.com/

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