The Very Most.


The amount of cough medicine I’ve taken over the past two days is enough to make me think I am slowly turning into Lester Bangs. Well, okay..maybe not THAT much. Cough medicine shouldn’t taste like Skittles. If it tasted of something vile, then maybe I’d be more careful, but when it makes you think you’re being cuddled from the inside then I suppose you should carry on- with caution, of course.

If you want a safer way of feeling like you’re being cuddled from the inside out, then you should probably listen to The Very Most. I have many reasons as to why they are pretty good (by pretty good, I mean I really like them.) The band came together in 2002, and are fronted by Jeremy Jensen. I may be alone in thinking this, but doesn’t he sound like he should be a superhero? Peter Parker. You know it makes sense. If I could draw, I’d probably have a character called Jeremy Jensen. I’m not one for making obvious compliments that work out, but that is a big one. Considering my love for superheroes (they are real.)

Superhero dreams aside, the music is wonderful. The Very Most are influenced by the likes of Camera Obscura and the Beach Boys. Find fault in this, and we may have a problem. They have such a relaxed feel to their music. Do you remember The Magic Numbers? I loved them, mix them with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and you have the innocent atmosphere that The Very Most have in their music that you should fall in love with.

Their cover of Here Comes Your Man (from the Patricia EP) is gorgeous. I don’t know how fans of The Pixies may take it, but I love The Pixies and only music snobs would be vile about it. They aren’t important, we do not need them.

What I adore about The Very Most is that you can hear the love they have for the music, that’s a pretty rare thing to possess. Anyone who has a passion for anything in life are much more interesting than those who waste their days doing nothing. Barely living, just exisiting. I know I love music that at times, could cause someone to question their sanity and possible purpose on this planet; but I am a fan of gentle sounds that just sway the soul; The Very Most are one of those bands. Considering they’ve not taken over the world (YET) they have a huge discography that just needs to be heard, so you may as well start here :

So there you have it. They may not be a “new” band but they play with heart and have a wealth of passion for what they do; which is something to truly admire.

Go listen.

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