The Boombox Hearts.



If Nick Cave ever went completely folk-based or embraced country music in an insane way, he’d probably join a band from Denmark called The Boombox Hearts.

If you want creepy and dark folk music, then this is the band for you. If you want to feel like you have sinisterly taken up residence in a desolate cabin, then The Boombox Heart are destined to be yours. I dislike contemporary folk bands. I use the term folk loosely. You know the artists I mean, from Mumford & Sons to Laura Marling. It doesn’t do anything to me, but I know it does for others. I don’t get the appeal at all. Every song has left me bored, I don’t want that. I like the true essence of folk ie: Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie. Give me that, I’ll be alright. I wouldn’t call The Boombox Hearts a folk band. I’d just call them a band. A band in the truest sense of the word. A band that evidently love what they are doing, and the motivation they have in doing so is the music. Simple as. That’s just how it should be. If you’re not going to believe in your own art, then who will.

I’m not up on Danish bands. The only Danish thing I am familiar with, is the (second best programme ever, The Wire beats all) Danish programme, The Killing. So I can say that The Boombox Hearts are now my favourite Danish band, but this is motivation to listen to more Danish bands; especially if they sound like this.

The Boombox Hearts are currently working on their debut record, which I hope is out this year. There are a wealth of new bands I could have chosen to write about as my first pick of new bands for 2013. I didn’t just go with these guys because Ivan sent me a lovely email, but because although they have some eerie songs; they also have some truly gorgeous and gentle songs. With it being a new year, I suppose we should start gently. Maybe come March and I’ll be really into Thrash Metal. Who knows.

The band have a stunning EP up on bandcamp called Monte Carlo, which could possibly be an indicator to how the debut record will sound. I have no idea, but I do know that this band deserve to go far and claim a place in your heart.

You can listen to the ethereal EP here :

And for those of you who may be interested in some eerie country tracks, wrap your ears around this new one of theirs:

Tormented souls who feel at ease with the Blues unite, and enjoy.


*Photo taken by Mikkel Møller Jørgensen

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