Royal Chant-Did You Pay Cash For That Panic Attack?

RC Promo Pic _1

“And all these loose ends are getting out of hand.”


Royal Chant are Australia’s finest. They didn’t pay me to say that, but we’re chums and I believe in them. Therefore, I am right. My self-doubt projects onto bands I love as belief in them. If you can work out how I got there, then I can only thank you. From the bottom of my empty jeans pocket and loving heart; I thank you. This is going to be a sick (as in I have a cold, I’m not using awful slang) induced ramble about my love for this amazing band.

Did You Pay Cash For That Panic Attack was a song I wrote about a few months ago, I think. If I haven’t, let’s just assume I have done because I have a really bad memory. The intro sounds like it should be done by The Jesus And Mary Chain, it isn’t obviously. But it has that same aggression and darkness to it that caused me to fall in love with The Jesus And Mary Chain many many years ago. Think their Darklands era, that’s the feel you get from Royal Chant.

Aside from being nothing short of amazing musicians, their lyrics (courtesy of Mark) are easy to relate to; especially if your head and heart are full of complex feelings you wish to no longer carry around, but you do because you cannot function any other way. It keeps you going I think. Mark’s lyrics are like poetry. The vulnerable words make the feelings you carry around less heavy and less exhausting. Bands like Royal Chant are necessary. This is from a selfish point of view, but they really are brilliant bunch of guys that deserve every amount of success possible, and they have my unconditional support no matter what. I hope they come to the UK this year because I will do all I can to go to every single date, just because they are incredible as musicians and as people. I simply cannot review their music, because I just want you to listen. I just want you to become a massive fan of theirs because they just wonderful. When they toured America last year, I wished I had a lot of money so I could have supported them, one day I will. Front row, lobbing whisky at them (in a nice way.)

Until then, I want you to listen to their new song. Play loud and on repeat :

Spread out across the sky
Beyond all time & reach .
Making amends with eternity
And an eternal mess of things.
It’s almost over.
And God Damn! That was fast.
It’s almost over.
And it don’t come back

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