424273_167044933406086_1581262950_nIt’s that annoying time of the year where we’re given a handful of bands that we have to force ourselves to love over the next 12 months, because some twerp told us to. Don’t believe the hype. It’ll just turn you into someone you don’t want to be. I can apply this to many things, but sometimes when you have an opinion; others turn on you. I’d call them “bell ends” but I’m trying to be nice. Trying. I don’t know if I am, I don’t think so. Anyway, ignore the hype and go find someone YOU like. Someone you haven’t been forced to love. I could give you so many bands and singers that deserve your time and ears, but others have beaten me to it. Besides, I’m just a nobody from nowhere and no one is going to listen to that are they.

But maybe there is someone out there who is searching for a sort of new band, or a band that just go against all the drivel we are meant to consume and love. So, if you are that person this band are for you.

YOOFS are three lads from Bournemouth. I cannot comment on Bournemouth or the music scene there because I know nothing. However, as I am judging by the music that YOOFS make I am just going to assume that it’s a really good place. Anywhere is better than where I currently am, and have lived. I’ve made mistakes. People and places. Fortunately, I never have to return.

YOOFS are pleasurably noisy. YOOFS are a beach-band. Can I make beach-pop into a sub genre? Can I be that idiot that makes up a sub-genre and everyone falls for it? I’ve done it. I’m declaring these guys as BEACH-POP. It’s going to be a thing. I’ve decided. If this catches on, then I will have to hang my head in shame. Anyway, they are delicate and bold. Two things that many struggle to be, but very few naturally are. They are just brilliant.

As I write this, I am listening to their EP, We Used 2 Be Fun. If you need to feel like you are anywhere but where you are. If you need to feel like you’ve found a connection in a band; then this is the band for you. They are like a blissed-out version of Tame Impala. It’s hard to look at someone who doesn’t dig Tame Impala. I can’t quite understand how someone couldn’t like them, or YOOFS.

I’ve not seen much written about YOOFS, and this doesn’t bode well. It seems entirely wrong that a band with such talent and promise aren’t being heard. I know, as I said I am a nobody from nowhere. But I’m a nobody from nowhere that enjoys finding new music that sounds like nothing else. If it sounds a bit strange, I always fall for it. If it makes me feel creeped out, I will love it. If it makes me feel like I am watching the sun set on a beach, I will love it. Although YOOFS do not creep me out nor are they strange, they do give you a feeling of being at the beach doing a whole load of nothing with no one and being totally happy with that.

Alright, so you can listen to their deliriously stunning tracks right here: http://yoofs.bandcamp.com

Enjoy. Tell your friends and be the envy of your enemies as you listen to one of the most perfect band around.

Beach-pop ’13. DIG.

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