Tamaryn-Tender New Signs.

“Deep inside a fever sleep, the dead air curls. And begs to be  breathed. She’s a fool, but time is a thief.”

Music should be peaceful and gentle. I know at times we seek out music that is a bit bold and brutal to unleash our own furies that we cannot do unless pushed/instructed to do so. You can drift through the day listening to the relaxing sounds of Youth Lagoon but at some point, a part of you is going to want to listen to something with a bit more bite such as say, Slipknot, so you can get out what you suppress. There’s nothing wrong with it, if anything it should be encouraged.

This is my third attempt trying to write about Tamaryn’s second record, Tender New Signs. I’ve no idea how many times I have played it since its release. All I know is that it is a massive distraction. Not that I see any fault in that. There are a lot worse things I can be distracted by. It usually is. As you listen to Tender New Signs, you feel every bad emotion in you pour out and a wave of love just takes over. It is like a glimpse into someone elses dream. You watch over them and try to pick up on the pieces that make them stir in their slumber. I’ve heard a lot of beautiful records recently. Some old, some new; but none have captured me like this. Tender New Signs is truly something else.

The vocals make your heart beat double time, and the music is so blissed-out, you cannot focus. Everything about Tender New Signs is just so pure and full of devotion. This is the kind of record you present to your love and say, “this sums up how I feel better than anything.” Then they listen, and they understand. They’re yours forever. If you can make your love a fan of Tamaryn, then they’re a keeper. Much like if they are able to sort out ways for you to cut down how much your phone-bill is every month! It all links in.

I could quite happily write about every song in detail and every image they conjure up, but I’d probably bore you to death. I must say that The Garden is one of the most magical and blissful songs I have heard in a long time, I think it is my favourite (so far.) Transcendent Blue has a gorgeous build-up to it that makes you feel as if you are drifting in and out of sleep. The whole record is just so divine and honest.

Everyday life is a bore at times, that’s why records such as Tender New Signs are so important. They are important because they create such a beautiful way to escape, and they also give you a beautiful place to escape to. The harshness of everyday life can leave us cold and unsure. Tamaryn’s voice soothes you and holds your hand into another world.

If you’re looking for a record that eases the mind and sways the soul, then you simply must buy Tender New Signs at once. If you’re not moved by it, then something must be wrong. Once again, this is another record I simply cannot put into a genre as there’s no word for it other than “beautiful.” It goes beyond being beautiful, but you get my point.

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