I have a problem. Okay, so it isn’t a problem for me but maybe for others. I really cannot bring myself to listen to anything other than music that makes me feel like I am about to be chased through a forest and probably come to a bloody and brutal end. Music that instills fear in me, but at the same time is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever heard. The darker it is, the more I’ll enjoy it. I truly have no boundaries when it comes to stuff like this, and maybe I should. The thing is, if I did I’d be missing out on some incredible music. I must add that I do not sit here and type “DARK MORBID MUSIC” into YouTube or whatever, it just happens. I somehow find it. Or maybe it finds me. Wait, that sounds pretentious. I do actually spend hours looking for new music in the hopes I find something that freaks me out and also makes me feel like I’m being hugged by a friendly bear.

Liverpool is a wonderful city. I can make my way from Lime Street to my friend’s flat now without making her meet me and drag me there, suitcase in tow. Knocking into the locals and tripping up over myself. I’m so clumsy. I’m not tall, but fuck me I am clumsy. I just don’t like to pay attention. My eyes like to wander. There’s a lot to see. Anyway, Liverpool’s music scene is pretty damn good. Well, now it is. I’ve never been a fan of The Beatles. I don’t get it. Never have, never will. I tried and I tried. But I came to the conclusion that they were just boring. I know I’m in the minority but WHO CARES. They’re just a band, big deal. Let’s move on.

So Liverpool is the home of two bands I love a lot. Both are massively different. One is Beach Skulls and the other is a delightful trio called Bird.

Bird make music that scare you oh so delicately. They share a joined love for the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Warpaint and Leonard Cohen. This is enough to make you realise just how wonderful they are. Personally, anyone who loves these bands is a good one in my eyes. Obviously I shouldn’t be so naive but whatever. Anyway.

Bird has a sound that is so different to any band in the UK right now, In fact, the only artist I could say they share a likeness with is The Long Wives, now you know you about my love for this LA based singer so I don’t need to tell you again just now. There is a wonderful sense of darkness in the lyrics and the music compliments the mood in such a romantic way. The drums sound like a battle cry, the guitar causes you to sway and the vocals tug at your soul. You overlook the dark atmosphere and you realise just how beautiful it all truly is.

Adele, Lex and Sian create a magical universe with their music that you cannot help but be moved by. With only one listen you know you have given yourself over to something you cannot bring yourself to be removed from. Find a desolate place to go when you listen to Bird, and let them set you free. They remove you from the bad and take you away. Let all the rage and hostility burn out, and find something pure yet haunting in their music.

They recently supported Tamaryn and did a bloody mind-blowing cover of one of my favourite bands EVER, Bela Lugosi’s Dead by the genius, Bauhaus.

Like with most of the music I listen to, I really cannot put Bird in any genre at all. I wouldn’t know where to start. All I know is that they are a band you must keep a close watch on. Utterly exciting and a joyous experience. An absolute pleasure to listen to.

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