France Camp.


Finding new music is pretty easy I guess. Finding new music that sounds different and is worthy of your time is a bit more difficult. Everything seems to sound the same doesn’t it? Same subject matter, same bland chord progression. Heard it all before. We’re becoming harder to please, so our attention span towards anything new seems to be quite short. However, there is always a handful of bands that can change this. They can make us listen. They don’t have to wear silly outfits or sing like a dolphin in distress for us to listen. I hate big voices like that. I don’t care if you can hit a high note. I want you to scream the lyrics until your face turns blue over a distorted guitar and Wall Of Sound based drums please. That works for me, always.

So I suppose it is no surprise that after only finding a band called France Camp less than an hour ago, and having them on solid repeat that I am in love with them. Everything I love and look for in music; they thankfully have.

They have a beautiful song called More Roses, and the drums..oh god. The drums sound like something you’d hear by The Jesus And Mary Chain. They’ve got this incredible sorrow vibe going on, but don’t let that put you off. There’s a hint of romanticism in it all. All over some kind of Garage/surfer kind of sound. It’s just bloody brilliant.

Me Abroad makes you want to get away. Either on your own or with someone you tolerate enough to spend some time with. Bone Home makes you want to dance. Now, when I say dance I do actually mean throw your limbs about as if you have problems upstairs. Your mind is telling you to move a certain way; but your limbs wish to go the other. A prime example of the mind being ignored and your body doing whatever the hell it feels like doing. Sometimes, that is needed.

Their distorted/reverby feel makes you move. Move in ways that may get you taken away for a while (be careful.) I can only imagine that their live shows are pleasurably insane. They’re the kind of band that should play small, sweaty venues in the middle of nowhere. A true basement band who capture the sheer purity of music.

France Camp are a brilliant band. They’re one of the few bands who make music exciting. They possess innocence, sorrow and the ability to make you move. I’ve got more reasons as to why I love them, but for now these shall do.

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