Beach House- Take Care.

“It’s no good unless it’s real.”

Sometimes you hear a song that becomes everything to you. This song may come at a time where everything is wrong, and you just need something. Or, you may have heard the song in passing a few years ago, then something happens for you to love it even more. You associate it with a bad time, yet as time passes you, you can link the song to happier times. To a different person, to a different situation altogether. You feel quite foolish for not being so open to it in the beginning. Why on earth did it take something so horrific to make you truly get the meaning of the song? Well, the thing is we never really understand something or truly GET it until we have to face it. Until we are alone and need something to provide the answers. Seek answers, not approval. This one song is your ultimate crutch. This song is the one that makes you think of someone you love with all you have. Someone you want to protect. Is it the song that saved your life, or is it the song that gave you life? The song is your life.

I remember hearing Teen Dream by Beach House when it came out in 2010. I played it almost ritualistically. I regarded it in my soul as one of the best things to have happened in 2010. Every song felt like Alex and Victoria were delving into their souls, and into the listeners. It is a record that you play when you just want to find some inner peace. Beach House make you feel like you are in love even when you are loveless. Even when you are without all the positive emotions possible, they still feel you with such hope. Their music is like a massive warm cuddle to the soul. It is pure, innocent and wise.

Take Care is my ultimate favourite Beach House song. Close second is Saltwater. That’s as far as I can go with saying my favourite Beach House songs, because after these two songs- I’m pretty much in love equally with every single one. My love for Take Care was always there, it just came alive because of a really shit time.

Go to February 2011. I find out my mum has cancer (she’s totally fine now.) She flys over to tell me. I then go to my best friend’s house..and we cry. I never cry in front of anyone. I leave, get on the bus home and play Beach House. For some reason, Take Care starts playing. I try not to cry on the bus. No one wants to be that person crying on public transport, ever. EVER. So I keep it together. I get home. I’m still playing Take Care. The lyrics are becoming more and more apt. Victoria’s voice is easing the crying. I fall asleep listening to it. I seem to have to play the song every day just to keep myself as sane as possible. A few months after, I played the song for my mum. She’s now a huge fan of Beach House.

I now listen to the song with no sadness. The song reminds me of another. A totally different situation. But the sheer love and wanting to take care of them is there. It will always be there, and they know it.

What I love about Take Care is how simple yet wonderfully stunning it is. It isn’t just a love song. In fact, I don’t think it is a love song. I think the song represents the purely selfless act of wanting to place someone above you, and protect them. To just love them, be there and look after them. There’s only a few people in our lives we can dedicate such feelings to. When you find that person, that’s when you know everything bad you’ve done before, every bad feeling you’ve felt and every ounce of hurt that you’ve felt no longer means a thing because of this person. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic sense; it can be in whatever way you wish.

I can easily sit for hours listening to Beach House. I can quite happily have Take Care as the only song I listen to all day and not want to listen to anything else. A heavenly sigh comes out of you as you listen to it, because you know everything is going to be alright. Take Care goes beyond reassuring you. It becomes almost like a mantra. As you close your eyes and sway your body to the song, you feel yourself being transported elsewhere. All that is there is you and another. You choose who you want to take, and you dedicate this song to them. This song was written for them. A partner, a friend, a relative- it doesn’t matter. You just feel utter love when you listen to this song.

Then you have the flip side of it. When you feel low, playing Beach House makes you feel instantly better. Playing this song makes you feel like you can carry on. It is the piece of advice that you’ve been searching for. The song makes you feel complete, that you have enough in you to keep going. It is just a simply powerful song that makes you feel more than you can wrap your head around.

Take Care is easily one of the very few songs I know in 10, 20 years time I will listen to and still feel this way about. I’ll remember the day I first heard it. I’ll remember everything surrounding this song. It is the purest form of love and devotion. I think it is a song that everyone needs to have a moment with. Whether it be alone indoors or outside wandering around until everything feels better. You may feel lost, but Beach House always manage to find you and put you back together again. The heal you better than any form of medicine could.

Not everything in life lasts, not everything can leave you in awe. This is why I love Beach House, because they’re like no one else. Take Care is like nothing else I’ve ever heard, and may ever hear.

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