Cat Sized Panda-We Will See You Now.



Remember, remember the 12th November- as it is my birthday. It is also Charles Manson’s birthday. On a happier note, it is the day Cat Sized Panda’s record We Will See You Now comes out. You should buy it. I’m useless trying to sell anything to anyone. This would happen, Me: “Do you want to buy this?” Person: “No.” Me : “Alright then, as you were. I probably wouldn’t either. I’d shop elsewhere.” However, I am not like that when it comes to music. If I could poke and prod you (easy now) to make you buy Cat Sized Panda’s record, I would. Instead I am just going to tell you about it and hopefully you may listen to me (I know, I know) and invest in We Will See You Now.

I first wrote about CSP in June I think?! I was amazed at what I was hearing. You see, although I love music that is dark and full of strange and wonderful lyrics; I have a massive place in my heart reserved for the likes of Burial. I have no idea what genre he’s classed as, and to be honest- I don’t want to know. I hate defining music by genre. Music is an expression, it is a form of freedom therefore we shouldn’t define it. With CSP, you have to listen to him as you would listen to Burial. Night time. On a bus, or in your room. Alone or with scattered strangers. Darkness or flickering street lights. CSP makes the kind of music that makes you create a different life in your head.

As there are no lyrics, you are able to create stories in your head and the music is the soundtrack. Maybe this is just me, but I find this the perfect way to listen to CSP. He gives you free reign with his own creativity. I know lyrics are a big deal for me, but music like this is equally as beautiful. Like most situations in life; you don’t always need words. You can quote Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode for the full effect..

The Universe Stops When You Smile is EASILY my favourite on the record. The title alone was enough for me to know I’d fall in love with it. This isn’t a record where you fall in love with a person. No. This is a record that makes you create beautiful moments in your mind that you can fall in love with. The record just oozes purity, atmosphere and positive energy. To find any fault in it, well, you must be out of your mind.

I get annoyed slightly when people call their music “experimental” when all they’ve done is use a different guitar or something silly. They ignore the true essence of the meaning, making it redundant. CSP is a true experimental artist. He’s a rare one, and that alone makes you treasure his music even more. I usually write about records as I listen to them, sometimes skipping back to songs because certain parts blow my mind. I listened to We Will See You Now in full before I wrote anything down because this is the kind of music that requires ALL of your devotion, time and attention. You cannot have it on in the background, you cannot multi-task whilst listening to it. You truly have to devote yourself to listening to this record.

Most people are out getting vile and drunk on a Saturday night. I’m sat drinking tea and writing about one of the most ethereal and stunning records of the year.

I could quite happily sit here and write a thousand more words about how wonderful CSP and this record is, but you simply must buy this record on 12th November. This year has been pretty damn good for music, CSP is easily one of those reasons why.

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