September Girls.


Despite me looking like on of life’s most miserable buggers; it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Well, when it comes to music it may take a bit more because I’m really fussy. I’m only fussy because I am intensely passionate about it. You know how with some people, when they talk about what they’re passionate about and every single part of them lights up? That’s what music does to me. I get stupidly excited when I go to markets and find old 7″ singles of songs I never thought I could find. I sometimes can’t sleep the night before a record I’ve been waiting for is released because I want it in my hands. When I go to a gig, that’s when every single part of me comes alive. Music is everything to me. Someone once asked me, “Could you love a person as much as you love music?” I used to think I couldn’t, but I know I could. I can. I do.

I honestly don’t know much about bands from Ireland. Aside from The Undertones; that’s it. That’s as far as my knowledge goes. I’m sorry if this makes me small-minded. But you know most of my love is for New York and LA based bands. Obviously I know there is amazing music everywhere. I think most can agree that Sweden is responsible for some amazing bands right now. And of course the UK has some wonderful bands. But today, I’m going to write about a band that with first listen filled my ears with sheer joy and nostalgia. If you can do this, then I will regard you as perfect.

September Girls are a 5 piece from Dublin. I’ve been to Dublin, only once. I want to go back again. If anyone wants to take me there again; I’ve got a passport and a suitcase waiting to be packed. I think a nice whiskey trip would go down well. Whiskey talk aside, September Girls remind me of one of my favourite bands ever- Dum Dum Girls. They have managed to take the Wall Of Sound and added the purest sense of Garage Rock and have created something that makes you think, “Are we in the 60s?!” See, I love Dum Dum Girls because of Dee Dee’s delicate voice and their distorted but beautiful sound. September Girls do exactly that.

Their music gives you a true summer feel mixed with winter loneliness. But hey, don’t focus on the loneliness because you can cure that by listening to your favourite song. Or maybe by listening to September Girls. They’re the kind of band that would fit perfectly on the Girls In The Garage compilation (if anyone got me any of these, you’d have a friend in me for life.)

I’m not much of a dancer. Alright sure I have moves, but I only flail my limbs when whiskey has been summoned into my system. However, September Girls make you want to dance as if you are in a 60s girl group. I’m talking well rehearsed synchronised moves with a lot of concentration. Play their music, and conjure up a routine. Show your friends- if they mock you, find yourself a better social group.

The band only formed a year ago, and released a cassette on the amazing Soft Power label. Cassettes are brilliant, they need to be brought back. I used to make mixtapes when I was in secondary school for friends. I’d do my homework and make the tapes at the same time. Obviously the music had more of my attention.

You should head over to the band’s soundcloud page RIGHT NOW and listen to their tracks :

They have haunting organs (instrument wise!) and exquisite guitars. The drums and bass make you want to move around in an insane fashion. It is fair to say that I am utterly in love with this band. I really cannot understand how you couldn’t be.

I know I shouldn’t tell you what to do and such things, but honestly- make sure you listen to them. They’ll blow your mind and move your soul in a way that no other could.

I guess if The Jesus And Mary Chain were female, they’d be September Girls. Takes a lot for me to say that because The Jesus And Mary Chain are my favourite band of all time. They have the same feel to their sound, maybe not as dark. But the general atmosphere is there. This is just a tame outburst of my love for September Girls; pretty sure I have more to offer.

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