Vex Ruffin.


Noise is good. Noise that comes from the heart is even better. I have no idea what’s going on (I never do) as I had a 3 hour nap, and I’m still tired. I’m a better person when I’m asleep..mainly because I’m no bother. I can’t help but believe knowing me is a pain in the arse. You always find comfort/joy/something in music. Maybe that’s just me, okay maybe it isn’t. Music can be that safety net at 3am when you feel like if anyone looks at you, you will cry. It’s that reassurance that you can get out. It’s the self-belief that you need. It’s the one thing that will never leave you. You watch people fall in and out of your life. You probably do the same. It’s easier to leave everything behind than stay. We all have one person who taught us the art of leaving. But that person is probably alone now; through no fault of their own. You don’t want to be like them. You must never want to be like others, because when you do; you stop being who you really are. And don’t let anyone dictate you on how you should live your life. This all links in with someone.

Vex Ruffin.

Artists like Willis Earl Beal and Dirty Beaches amaze me and leave me in awe because they do things on THEIR terms. You can put the likes of King Dude in their too. They don’t need you or some chubby CEO telling them how to make their music, how they should sound or what they should look like. Every so often we are blessed with artists like this; we can only hope they stick around for a long time because they are the ones making inspiring music where everyone else is prancing about singing about flowers and rainbows. No. No one is ever that happy. To make others relate to you, you must be believable. Vex Ruffin does this. He goes beyond.

Vex makes short lo-fi songs that smash you so pleasurably in the face. There’s an incredible fusion of lo-fi, garage rock and punk in his sound. Basically, he’s perfect. Well to me he is. You don’t need to be some jumped up and over-produced brat in order to make GOOD music. It should come from a place that makes others want to do the same. It should have some kind of empowering vibe that makes you think, “WE WON’T STAND FOR YOUR BULLSHIT NO MORE.” Vex has the passion of the likes of MC5 and the heart of no other. Is it too soon to call him a genius? Well fuck it, he is.

You can probably tell I know nothing about him. I just really dig his music. It’s the kind of music that drags me kicking and screaming through another dull day here. If I was somewhere else, I’d still love it as much as I do. But the frustration I feel about this shithole makes my love for certain bands and singers a lot more intense.

So I think my favourite track right now by Vex has to be Shield For You. I think everyone has one person that, although we feel useless/worthless, there’s one person we just want to look after and love forever. We know we can’t do much, but we could keep them safe. It’s a rare thing to find someone who makes us feel that way, it is important to hold onto it.

Alright so that’s enough of me rambling on about Vex. Go listen to his music. Vex is the truth. The sheer and utter truth. I think anyone who is influenced by Madlib is to be honest.

Oh and you can listen to his new track, Take It right here:

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