2:54-Killer (cover.)

“Is there still a part of you that wants to live.”

I’m going to try not to rant a lot about my love for 2:54 because, most are probably tired of it. It is pure love and admiration. They make me wish I could play an instrument and make haunting music. Instead I just write lyrics/poems that no one will ever see. Mainly because I’m ashamed. It’s weird, and it pisses me off. I don’t need telling that I’m being stupid, I already know. I really do.

I dislike covers. Well, I dislike covers that are badly done. I hate “talent” shows because it is generic and dull. You basically stand there, sing and you are either told you aren’t good enough or “you’re going to be a star.” We don’t need that. Yet most seem to love watching it. I don’t understand. So basically, 2:54 have taken one of the best songs of the 90s and made it incredibly haunting.

If you have their debut record (if you don’t, please buy it. Record of the YEAR!) you will be familiar with their eerie and hypnotising tones. Colette’s voice is easily one of the most distinctive and powerful voices around. Some may assume that being able to hit a stupidly high note means you are a strong vocalist, I don’t believe that. The strongest singers are the ones that give you so many feelings. The strongest are the ones that sing in a way that captivates you and grips you- you never want them to let you go.

Their take on Adamski/Seal’s track, Killer is nothing short of perfection. For me, the only way to do a cover well is to just make it your own. This is why I love it when the likes of Cat Power and The Kills cover songs, because they make you think THEY wrote the song. 2:54 do exactly that with their take on Killer. You fall for 2:54 even more when you listen to this, and you truly believe in the words again. I was only 5 years old when the original came out, but I remember being utterly obsessed with it. Now I am obsessed with 2:54’s version of this timeless song.

You can listen to the stunning cover here : http://soundcloud.com/twofiftyfour/2-54-killer

They’re also touring in November. If anyone wants to get me some tickets for the London date as an early birthday present, that will be most welcomed 😉

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