Neurotic Wreck.

The colours in her eyes, paint the beach. How I wish that we could stay. It’s always quick, the moment dies. How I long for yesterday.”

You know how on cough medicine it tells you not to operate heavy machinery when you’ve taken it? Well, camomile tea should come with a warning too, “Olivia don’t attempt to write when you’ve had some because you’ll make no sense..” Or something like that. It’d probably be safer for me to drive a tractor right now.

Without sounding like a massive prick of life, I really love it when bands/singers email me their music. By no means do I think what I write is any good nor do I think my opinion should be valued; I just really love writing about bands no one has maybe not heard of. The stranger, the better.

There is something about atmospheric music such as Burial, The Weeknd and James Blake that makes you only want to listen to them at night. I have tried many times to listen to Burial during the day but I just can’t do it. It’s almost as if the meaning doesn’t stand-out until it is pitch black. As someone who is more alert at night (however I am close to falling asleep right now) music like this is just everything, and more.

St.Helens isn’t exactly known for having a thriving music scene (if I am wrong please tell me, and I’ll change that sentence) so when a producer from there emails you their music, you cannot help but be massively intrigued. Unlike most, I actually do listen to what I am sent. As I listen to Neurotic Wreck (much love for the name) I cannot help but feel the same way I did when I first heard Burial. I’m glad it is dark outside because I don’t think I’d take from it what I currently am if it was light outside.

Love and lust usually stir you at night-time. During the day you can fixate your thoughts onto something else. At night, it is like everything you try to push down comes back to either haunt, consume or mock you. Or you can let it go, and enjoy it. It depends really. Some people make it easy. Some make having emotions a chore. Cut them out. The right one finds you- you don’t find them.

Neurotic Wreck makes music that evidently comes from the heart. Oh but how can you tell? Easily. As you listen, his words seem to wrap themselves around your heart and make you feel something else. Something that one simply cannot put into words. You truly pick up on the strangeness of a David Lynch film in his music; yet you get the sheer vulnerability of a James Blake track in his voice.

So far (I will change my mind about 50 times) my favourite track has to be Tired Of Me. The general atmosphere of most songs here is quite eerie, but Tired Of Me takes it to a completely different level.

Neurotic Wreck make music for that lonely moment at 3am when the world is asleep and you have no idea what is going on. I could find thousands of more words to tell you as to why I love his music and why I think he’s nothing short of amazing; but instead you should just listen to his music. The music truly speaks for itself. What most lack, Neurotic Wreck has. Treasure him.

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