Saint Lou Lou.


“If you’ve got an emptiness inside, you should let our worlds re-collide.”

I’m writing this based on one song I have heard by them and I’m 100% sure that this is enough for me to know that Saint Lou Lou are nothing short of amazing.

Music should make you drift off. I don’t care for where it may take you, but it should take you far away from where you are. Maybe because where you are is a bit rubbish, and anything can be seen as an escape. It takes you to a place where nothing and no one can really get to you. Sometimes you get really lucky and find that place physically too. Yet when you have to leave it behind for a while, you feel as if you are being torn apart. One day you will get to stay. One day it’ll go your way. Listen to the one you love, because they know. They just know.

Maybe You is such a gorgeous song. The kind of song that makes you want to sit alone (or with someone you are fond of) staring at the sea and ignoring everything around you. You both fall into this untouchable dreaming state. hit repeat to avoid the come-down. I’ve heard some strange songs this year, I’ve also heard some truly heartbreaking and beautiful songs- Maybe You can easily be placed in the best songs of the year. The intro immediately lures you in. You feel secure; as if nothing and no one in this world can harm you. Music can soothe and tame. Maybe You does exactly that.

When one song can make you believe in a band. Make you believe that they are going to keep making music that just blows your mind; then maybe it is worth trawling through some awful sounds to find this tiny bit of heaven.

Of course them being a duo (they’re also twins) is a big part of my love for them. I just love duos. For me, it is like they work so much harder. They make more noise, they sometimes play with more heart. More passion.

I can only hope that for the remainder of this year and years to come causes people to pay attention to Saint Lou Lou. They go beyond making music for you to believe in; they just make you feel part of it. That’s rare.

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