Rachel Zeffira-Break The Spell.


You know how some people throw words around and they just lose meaning? When someone says someone is “beautiful” or if something is “perfect” it all loses its meaning after a while. These are two words that should be used very carefully and not often. Of course you can see beauty in most things, and some may say perfection doesn’t exist. Maybe it doesn’t, maybe it does. It is all a personal view. It’s like my view on time. I hate knowing the time. I think watches are awful. I hate being rushed; yet I seem to be early for most things. I like to wander. Usually when I shouldn’t. I also have a habit of going off track. Much like how I just have.

So today has been a bit shit (most days are when you live where I do) and it was improved a bit by hearing Rachel Zeffira’s new song. It was also improved by a massive nap and a person. I just love sleeping; mainly because I’m not bothering anyone.

Rachel’s voice is pure and wonderful. Her solo work (pre-Cat’s Eyes) and her work in Cat’s Eyes is just remarkable. Rachel and Faris have set up their own label, RAF Records which will be putting out Rachel’s debut record The Deserters on 10th December. If anyone wants to buy me a copy, I’ll be forever grateful.

Break The Spell keeps with the 60s girl group vibe that caused anyone to fall in love with Cat’s Eyes. Yes it is perfect, and yes it is beautiful.

You can get a free download of the song here : http://soundcloud.com/rachelzeffira/break-the-spell

Break The Spell features one of the best drummers around, Melissa Rigby ( S.C.U.M.) and also members from TOY. It showcases London and Canada’s finest.

Rachel will be playing St. Andrew Church (Holborn) on 18th October. Tickets: http://www.seetickets.com/Event/RACHEL-ZEFFIRA/St-Andrew-Holborn/658664

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