Sundays are dull. Sundays are toss. Sundays are a drag. Aren’t most days like this? Hitting your head on the table as you fall out of bed is probably the most exciting thing that’ll happen to you. Pray for concussion. Pray for something to happen. Forever in lust, only once in love.

San Diego. It won’t answer to you. You answer to IT. It produces and churns out bands that are meant to rip off your face and burst your eardrums. If you are looking for something loving and tender; seek elsewhere. This band will take you to the depths of hell and laugh at you, if you don’t believe in them. Short songs that get to the point and smash you between the eyes. Open yourself up fast. Slowly isn’t enough. You want it now, tomorrow is too late.

Plateaus are incredible. Mind-blowing and brutal. This is perfect, and nothing really matters. San Diego better be fucking proud.

Here, let your head be shaken and your body move in ways you never thought you could :

Plateaus are Kevin Gist, Chris Rosi, Jon Greene and Elliot Moeller. These guys are responsible for being part of one of the most exciting bands around. I can’t think of another band right now that are making this kind of music. Noisy, thrashy and enough to make you want to smash shit up. Go for it. Go break some stuff. Launch yourself. Throw yourself around. Flail. Just have a good time.

I want to see these guys play some dark and sweaty basement. Enter looking presentable, leave covered in whiskey and looking like you’ve run about ten marathons. With a few bruises and bloody arms to show how good the night truly was.

I love these guys so much, they make me want to pack my stuff up and leave where I am. But if I did that; I’d be homeless. Basically, they fuel the frustration and keep the dream alive. One of the best bands around, trust me.


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