Royal Chant-Sleep Quintet (EP.)


“Don’t look back, and don’t look down.”

One day I am going to drink whiskey with Royal Chant and quote NWA lyrics to them. We’ll also drink tea and discuss which member from NWA had the better solo career (Ice Cube right lads?) They’re the best thing to come from Australia since..that Natalie one from Neighbours. No wait…Silverchair. I’m going with Silverchair because they mean more to me. I know I’m a sucker for a beautiful woman, but I’m putting music first (as usual.)

FINALLY they’re putting an EP out. I’m impatient when it comes to bands I love. The EP starts with Irish Eyes, but you’d know that if you were to listen to the EP. You should listen to it. For every listen to this EP, each band member will donate a bottle of whiskey and fine tea to No? Oh, well pretend. Just listen.

What I love about Royal Chant is how they make you feel as if you are watching them (not in a creepy way, but sure go ahead if you want) play in some dirty, damp basement. You feel as if you are watching them rehearse. They are three amazing guys who play with all they have. So much honesty and frustration.

Killing Time feels like every nagging thought I have floating around my head, so I’m going to call this one as my favourite- for personal reasons. I mean this is just another prime example as to why I love these guys. They say the things you can’t. Well, you can say them; it’s just the words don’t flow as gently and come out as loudly as theirs. Everything’s a drag. But sometimes a band just drag you through. Some things you maybe, just aren’t meant to understand.

Maybe my love for these guys is clouding my judgement but I’m not going to write about something I don’t love. This is a truly fucking brilliant EP that is a smack in the face in the most pleasurable way.

They say you’ve got to hit rock bottom before something good can come out of it. I don’t care if I hit rock bottom so long as I’ve got music like this comforting my ears at 4am when everyone else is asleep. It’s alright to fall apart. The pieces that are missing are the pieces that you never needed. Music can save you, music can be everything you need in the midst of desperation. Too vulnerable.

Just get the EP:

Hesitation Kills isn’t just the name of one of their songs; it is also very true. So very fucking true.

You can tell I love Mark, James and Matt right? I mean so long as you can tell I love them and that I regard this EP as being one of the best this year, then that’s all you need to know.

Go listen, and go feel less alone. Don’t look at your reflection; that’s how problems start.

Be easy on yourself.

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