The Orange Alabaster Mushroom.

“Your face has left an impression, deep inside my cranium. When those thoughts are realised it’s here I find, that your face is in my mind.”

I probably enjoy music that makes me feel like I’m on some weird trip because I’ve never had an interest in drugs. I don’t care if you do them, I really don’t. Do what you want. I don’t care, nor do I expect you to care about what I do. It’s nothing. Everything is disposable. Everything is nothing you want now. You wanted far too quickly and when you got it, you didn’t know what to do it. People love it when you’re miserable because they can really go at you. Show them nothing, stop giving. It’s not fair on yourself. To hell what everyone else thinks. If you’ve got someone who constantly brings up the past and your mistakes just cut them out of your life. I think that’s one of the worst traits a person can have, especially when this person claims to care about you. Maybe nobody really cares for others; it’s all an act to stop being alone. I’d rather be alone than surround myself with those who put on a show. Anyway, there’s a band that came out some time ago who make you feel like you’re off your face and they also surround you with a psychedelic mood. Just enough to forget the world and make your own.

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom, well, the name alone pretty much gives you the notion that they’ll make insane music. It’s a pretty cool name right? At least it isn’t something mundane like….well, you can think of one.

I don’t know much about them, but I think they are from Ontario? It’s one guy called Greg Watson and started in the early 90s. So, if you thought all the 90s were about was really awful Euro-Pop music then err…you’re probably right to be honest. I don’t know if much good came from the 90s. Depends what you are into. I developed a lasting love for Aaliyah and Garbage amongst others. If you sat down and listened to The Orange Alabaster Mushroom I’d expect you to think you were listening to something from the 60s/70s. When I first listened to them, that’s what I got from them.

I don’t know anything about The Orange Alabaster Mushroom aside from that I love them. That’s all I know. I love that they make me feel like I’m having some kind of outer-body experience. Everything that is dragging me down right now means fuck all. How can it with music like this? The Orange Alabaster Mushroom are like the drug a doctor gives you to make you feel better. Let their fusion of Garage Rock and Psychedelia thump about in your eardrums and arouse your mind. Let the music just blow your mind.

Your Face Is In My Mind is possibly my favourite. The lyrics pretty much say all I’m too much of a coward to say, but at least I can feel it. Least I know my faults you know? I just love the weird sounds that travel through me. You notice all the different layers as you listen intensely to the songs. The only way to listen, is through headphones. It is all tenderly euphoric but quite intense. The best things in life are like this, it’s just not many things in life are actually like that. Don’t settle for less. Don’t settle.

The mind is a terrible thing to not use, to not open up. That’s why bands like The Orange Alabaster Mushroom exist. So they can open up your mind and take you some place. The organ and bass in their music is what truly gets me. I’m in love with every song. They leave an imprint on your soul that you will probably compare to everything else possible. I guess you can apply that to anything in life. It’s just, with music it is a lot more pleasurable.

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