The Future Primitives-Try On Something That’s Really You (video.)

Garage rock at its sheer finest. My favourite threesome (easy now) from Cape Town. A brutal force that goes all the way through you and makes you think, “Fuck me I’ve got to play that again. And again.” It’s something highly unreal, but you better believe.

If you’ve got half a brain cell you can probably tell I really dig The Future Primitives. You know why? You should know why. I love them oh so much because they capture the true essence of Garage rock. Now, if you listen to most Garage rock bands (go back to The Gruesomes etc) and you’ll hear it is quite simple. Nowadays some bands just fanny around with certain genres and balls it up. The Future Primitives don’t. They stay true to the art form of making music. They stay true to the very foundations of Garage rock.

Their new single/video, Try Something On That’s Really You is like a pleasurable kick in the face. As someone who has been hit in the face a few times, this is a pleasurable feeling. The song that is, not being smacked in the face.

I could go on and on about how much I love this band, and how much I really enjoy this song but you should check it out for yourself right here:

I just want to say that I love the line, “You just lost your place in my head.” RIGHT ON! There’s a few that I could direct that line to..but I don’t think they deserve such a song. Instead, I’ll just appreciate this brilliant single. You should do the same!

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