The Long Wives.


Music doesn’t have to be hyped up to high heaven or over-produced in order for it to be nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t have to have so much going on that you lose sight of its meaning. Sometimes when it is so simple and stripped back, you truly see and hear how beautiful something is. You can apply this to anything in life. People, books, places- it doesn’t have to be covered in nonsense in order for it to be the most chilling and haunting thing you have ever heard.

I love voices that are the strongest part of a band. Voices that really lure you in. Voices that make you stay with the band for as long as they are around. When they create a sound that is like nothing else, you find yourself being utterly enthralled by it all. It doesn’t have to posses strange effects in order for it to be the most ethereal thing you have ever heard.

The Long Wives is just one person. One beautiful person who makes music that is glued to your heart. It owns your heart, it is YOUR heart. The Long Wives is Brandy St.John. The Long Wives are one of my favourite acts to come from Los Angeles.

Brandy’s voice is haunting. Her bio says her music is, “Songs about death and love, and the death of love.” Just reading this is enough for me to know I’m going to love her music. As I play her music writing this, I cannot help but wish all music was as bare and as courageous as this. Why isn’t all music as exposed and vulnerable as this? You shouldn’t be scared to cast yourself wide open. Then again, from personal experience I have learnt that being honest about your feelings is never a good thing. Ever.

Then we have artists such as Brandy who make it okay. She sings songs that are about things people constantly fear. Death and love. If anything, the way she writes makes you feel comfortable with these two things. They are the things in life that you cannot avoid. Like it or not, you’re going to die. Like it or not, you’ll fall in love. Not sure how many times or when it will happen, but it will. Sometimes you just have to kick fear in the face. Or walk away. Make the best decision you can for yourself.

Judas Hex is my favourite track by The Long Wives. She writes like Patti Smith. By this I mean, her words are pure poetry. The music is simple and the lyrics are captivating. Everything she does is just a piece of heaven. Every song I have listened to oozes truth. It oozes so much honesty. It is like an exorcism for the soul. With all my heart I’d love to turn my friends onto her music, but as I listen to her I feel like I do when I listen to Warpaint. This is such a private and sacred experience. To share this with anyone may strip away all her music is starting to mean to me.

I know what I want to say. God..I have so much I want to say about this music. It makes me want to put some clothes in a bag, and start my life in LA. I’m giving myself to 30 to make this happen. I’ve got just under 4 years to do this. If anyone wants to help, FEEL FREE. Her music makes me feel like something is going on beyond my understanding. I hope you feel the same way too when you listen to her. You cannot help but feel as if she has got inside your thoughts and turned them into something beautiful; no matter how ugly it may leave you feeling.

Hand on heart, she has a voice that I can say is one of the most stunning and perfect voices I have ever EVER heard. I know I fall instantly in love with bands on what seems a daily basis, but this right here is something I will be still clinging onto in years to come. In an ideal world this would be the kind of music you hear everywhere. But you don’t. Maybe it is a good thing because those who are fortunate to find music as deep and as soothing as this will love it for life.

There’s beauty in the darkness and there is beauty in the feelings that can sometimes petrify us. To allow us to see it sometimes means we have to turn to others to rip it out from us. The Long Wives does exactly this. This is what has left me in awe with The Long Wives. Not just that one person does all of this, but how they do it. I know people throw the word “perfect” about without even meaning it- but I truly do here. Her music is just perfect, and what’s more- you can tell it comes from the heart. A place some of us shy away from and ignore.

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