The Doozies.


Forever fascinated by duos in music. I don’t know what it is, or maybe I do. Maybe I presume I don’t know so every time I find a new duo or whatever, I find something else to leave me in awe. Creating false mystery for myself so I can add a brief stint of excitement to my deathly boring life. It’s alright, I’ve stopped waiting for something to happen. Round here, nothing happens. It’s like I have to jump out of bed and cause a head-rush if I want to feel something strange. It’s cheap I guess.

The Doozies are a duo. They sound like there’s about 10 of them. Okay, maybe 5. They’re brilliant. If they were shit, I wouldn’t write about them. I don’t want to slag anyone off. I’m not *insert name of whoever…* What’s the point? Why would I want to tell you about something shite? That makes no sense. I want you to listen not ignore. Why are most music journalists lazy? My favourite thing is people who have blogs and call themselves a journalist. Piss off man. I gave a friend some paracetamol once, does that makes me a doctor? Alright now. Rage aside, The Doozies. The fucking DOOZIES man. Listen up.

So noisy, so good. I love them. They’re influenced by cheeseburgers. Bands influenced by food- why aren’t there more about? Why can’t bands be more open about that? I mean you don’t want a clinically obese band saying, “Yeah we’re influenced by brown rice and apples.” Would you believe them? Who knows. Anyway, these brothers are influenced by cheeseburgers. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get how they can be influenced by a dead cow, but hey- each to their own. Once I ate some tofu and ran a mile…okay I didn’t. See, I cannot tell lies. It just isn’t in me.

The Doozies are perfect for those who are fed up and pissed at something/someone. They make you accept that all that is getting you down is a waste of time. Most things quite frankly, are. I guess some things in life have the potential to mean something. I’m not entirely sure.

I’m listening to their tracks, and they give that brilliant basement band thing. It’s just these two brothers making incredible music. It feels personal as in, only they know what the songs are about- they won’t give you the true meaning. You’ve got to find it out for yourself, that’s how it should be. Cryptic in the face of corruption. The world is fucked yo. It’s fine. Deal with it and pay it no mind. You can only change yourself and nothing else.

I love the tracks Trashcan USA and Lemonade. Both are hopelessly comforting. If something or someone has made you feel a bit like “Well fuck you then.” This band are for you. It’s a fantastic middle finger to those that piss you off. That said though, they really don’t sound angsty. They sound truly passionate about the music they are making; that is why I love them.

Bands that play with all they have are easy to fall in love with. When you can sense that the music that they make means everything to them, you find the band meaning everything to you. It’s fascinating how a band from a small town in the States can make someone living in the middle of nowhere near England feel this deeply about a band. I want to see them live. They’ve got to come to England. Better yet, someone fund me to get to the States so I can see them and a whole bunch of other bands I love.

This is noise, this is passionate, this is everything. Maybe bands like The Doozies won’t be plastered all over magazines and sell out arenas. But it isn’t about that; it’s about the music they make. And they make stunning music that is perfect for every mood possible. You don’t have to be a certain kind of person to dig this band. You may not get it at first, but you’ll be won over soon enough. I just love them and I hope someone picks up on these brothers- they’re far too perfect to ignore.

Get to know:

(Check out the track Gimme Gum and the new one, Burger King.)

Be careful when trying to find them- there’s another band with the same name.

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