A Victim Of Society.


The mind is a terrible thing to waste, they seem to say. The heart is a terrible thing to ignore, I say. Then the conversations stop because I’m apparently in the wrong. I’m not one for ever listening to what my head tells me. I follow my heart and it always leads me to disappointment and what have you. It has never worked out for me, but I do it anyway. It’s not that I don’t learn, I just believe that the heart is the strongest point. Your mind can trick you. The heart doesn’t lie to you. How does this even tie in with the band I’m going to tell you about? Truth is, it really doesn’t. I just wanted to type that out. I hope you skip this opening paragraph and just go straight for the music. There’s always a hidden message. Maybe one day someone will pick up on it and think “hey, that person is my soulmate.” That’d be nice, but I’m nobody’s type. That’s just how it is. But, enough of that. It is highly irrelevant. What I need to do is tell you about a band that have stolen my heart. Corrupted my mind and I refuse to let this be a bad thing. Real love in the form of a record.

A Victim Of Society come from Greece. I don’t know much about Greek bands, but I know this- A Victim Of Society have violated my ears in the most pleasurable way possible. There’s this fucking INSANE lo-fi vibe all around it, and I think I am in love. I am hopelessly and wonderfully in love with this band. It just feels RIGHT you know? You know when you just connect with a band and it seems like it is meant to be? That’s going on right now. I’ve made it a thing, this is a big deal. I like to think having NO life at all whilst living here is a good thing because I kill time by finding bands to love. A Victim Of Society are currently sending every part of me to ridiculous stratospheres right now.

I’ve had them on repeat for quite some time now. The same feeling is building up. It is burning inside of me. Is this what love is? Or did I just drink my cup of tea stupidly fast? Love and tea, easy to mix up. What is going on. Rhetorical. Don’t answer. Let’s back it up…I just really dig A Victim Of Society. I love the name (I love the name a lot.) I love how fucked up and dark their music is. If they see this,  I do not mean it as an insult. Most of what I listen to is dark, tormented and twisted. I love you guys. I love you so much. Fangirling aside now.

A Victim Of Society riddle your ears with a distorted sound that you only thought you could find in 80s shoegaze kind of bands. WRONG. You get it right now. Right NOW. With this band. That feel surrounds all their music. Put on your battered leather jacket, your ripped jeans and your favourites shoes- act mean. Stare, and fall in love. Don’t let them tear themselves away from your eye. This is fucking intense. This is what you live for. It is aggressive. It’s going to shake up your bones something good. This isn’t a band you make love to (although, high 5 if you have done.) This is a band you probably fuck shit up to. If you’re strange like myself, you’ll probably find this band relaxing. There’s something about them. There’s just two of them and they make this grand sound. It is incredible. Oh look, another duo. I’ve really got something going with this you know. You may think I don’t, but I’m right. Partially.

I want to get into the song Car Chase with you real quick. You see, it is terrifying. It’s a song you’d probably hear in a murder scene or in some twisted David Lynch kind of film. Their music feels like a David Lynch film. It is strange but ethereal in its own way. It is beautiful but tormented. Some of the best things in life are exactly like that. They are dark, but have a beautiful smile. I don’t know. Why is a sense of romance coming out right now? I’m shunning it. Car Chase is probably my favourite track I’ve heard so far. But you know by the time I’ve put this out for the rest of the internet to see, I’ll probably change my mind about 10 times. I just love them.

They formed last year and..I really cannot tell you how much I enjoy their music. They have this brilliant Garage Rock thing going on that I just adore (I really love Garage Rock bands) The thing is, when bands sometimes go that way they sometimes don’t do it quite right. It is like they are trying super hard to sound like something else. A Victim Of Society remind me slightly of Dirty Beaches. A lo-fi sound with deeper meanings. There is something hidden, and when you find it you will treasure it for as long as you possibly can. That’s just how I feel about the band. There’s something you’ve got to be willing to give yourself over to. This isn’t just a casual listen, this is commitment. They don’t want your blood, they just want your time and ears. Your love too. Give them your love.


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