The Grafham Water Sailing Club.

 “No one deserves what I put you through, there’ll never be another you.”

Music should scare you. Music should make you feel like something is being pulled out of you. Like a gentle exorcism. I don’t even know if that is a thing. I’ve just made it a thing. You know what else is a thing? I have a disgustingly high phone bill that I have to pay. If I could fake my own death to not pay it, please believe I would do it. I’ve put it off long enough. Anyway, back to what truly matters- music.

Coventry! So much to answer for. The midlands are currently out-doing London in terms of exciting new bands. From Swim Deep to Peace. Yet there’s one band that you may (or may not have) heard of just yet. If the music industry had anything about them, the band I’m going to tell you about would be hailed as the best thing to come out of Coventry since The Specials. However it doesn’t work like that. With a lot of music journalists being pretentious and quick to slag off bands, it makes me realise why no one will ever listen to me and what I have to say. I’m far too nice. But, it’s my general nature. Sure I listen to bands that make dark and creepy music- but that doesn’t mean I have a miserable disposition and hate everything. Most things I dislike aren’t to do with music. Therefore, I’m not going to sit here and slag someone off. What’s the point? Although I am one, I have a severe dislike for music journalists. Or maybe as I head towards hitting 26, I am now going to start hating EVERYTHING. I can’t wait to be 60 years old typing even more nonsense and complaining about my false teeth. That’ll be good for everyone.

The Grafham Water Sailing Club make music that will scare you a bit. They make you feel like someone is coming to get you. You know the scene. Silly person thinks it is totally safe to walk through the woods at midnight then BOOM! A creepy person appears and proceeds to chase them. It’s that feeling the first few records by The Cure give you. There is something sinister about the music, and the vocals. But if you listen extremely closely you’ll find yourself being transported into some insane world where nothing and no one can touch you. I suppose lazy people will say they sound like Joy Division just because it is an easy thing to do. I’m not one for making life easy on myself (or others it seems) so I refuse to go with that. I refuse to compare them to anyone as it isn’t fair. If you want a band that sound like Joy Division, go listen to Joy Division. If you want a new band that sound better than most bands around, then listen to The Grafham Water Sailing Club. Simple as really.

They’ve got some tracks up on their Soundcloud page :

You’ve probably got nothing to do, so hopefully(if you know what’s good for you) you will click on that link and fall in love. If someone asked me what new band I really love right now, I would honestly have to say these lads. They have something about them that makes me remember why I just love music more than anything else. They’re a band you play when you just need something to help you zone out. I know most turn to drugs or whatever to get that kind of feeling- I just use music. It’s cheaper and excess use of it won’t kill me. Nor will I end up looking like Keith Richards.  HUGS NOT DRUGS, KIDS. what you want.

You know how Primary Colours by The Horrors blew your mind because it sounded so different to everything else around? And you probably found yourself thinking, “Why aren’t there new bands coming out with their own sound like this? Why aren’t more bands experimenting and going beyond?” If I had the answers..but I don’t. Instead all I can give you are new bands that are truly brilliant. If I didn’t know that TGWSC were from Coventry, I’d probably think they were from the depths of Berlin and probably make their music at 3am in some desolate warehouse. Maybe they do that, but in Coventry. Who knows.

Pericolo is my favourite track by them that I’ve heard. There is lucid feel to it. You feel like you are falling fast into a trance when you listen to them. I want music to make me feel like I have no control over my mind and limbs. Although for the most part, I am pretty clumsy. Being short and having awkward limbs is the bane of my life. I hate having to say what songs I prefer because I truly love what I have heard so far.

If you love music that makes you feel like you are on some weird trip. Music that sounds so ethereal and just catapults you into a state you never want to come down from- then The Grafham Water Sailing Club are for you. If you want a new band to fall in love with, they are for you. They are yours. Treasure them. Spread the word. Give them your ears, give them your love. I think the main reason as to why I love them is because they cite Salt ‘N’ Pepa as one of their influences on their Facebook page. I’m not being sarcastic reader. I have so much love for Salt ‘N’ Pepa. I used to want to dress like them. I think I wanted to be part of the band too. That desire is still there. Anyway, more to the point- I love their music (TFWSC) because you can tell they are doing their own thing. They make music because they want to and have a love for it. They’re not ripping anyone off which is all the more reason as to why you need them in your life.

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