Niki And The Dove-Instinct.

When everything seems a bit shite, play your favourite record. Or if you can’t decide on your favourite record, play something new. Just play something to drown the other sounds out. It doesn’t have to mean much, it can just cause some kind of escapism because something you cannot control is quite possibly taunting you. Fuck those niggling thoughts, and listen to something that sounds unworldly.

Niki And The Dove’s debut record is out soon. Niki And The Dove are probably going to be the ones responsible for putting out the best debut record of the year. Sure there’s some strong contenders for that title, but let’s be real here- awards and titles mean fuck all. All that matters and SHOULD matter is how many hearts a piece of music touches and fixes. All that matters is getting yourself heard.

In all honesty, I have no idea how Niki And The Dove have been labelled and whatnot in the press. I don’t know if it is spotty hipsters that dig this or if it is hermits who need an outlet. I really have no idea, nor do I care. I’ve loved them long enough to know that they are a band that you cannot look at someone and think, “They’re a fan.” That’s how music should be, I guess. Not being able to spot a fellow fan. Finding them by accident, that’s the best feeling. Maybe you overhear them blasting it out of their headphones in Asda as they peruse the pizza section or have a battle with self-service. Or maybe you lock eyes as you both wear the same band shirt. It is a form of comfort, that no matter what kind of person you or they are- you both really fucking love this band. I should probably stop with these thoughts, but the thing is I know it never happens. Knowing this stops me from feeling any disappointment.

Instinct is amazing. I want to leave it at that, but I won’t. I’ll be that annoying wanker who rambles about how amazing this record is, in the hopes you go out and buy it.

They’re from Sweden which automatically means they will put out music that just blows your mind. You honestly do not need me to list all the great bands that have emerged from Sweden. There’s such innocence but an underlying sense of hurt in this album. Part of you turns a blind eye to how dark this album gets because musically, it makes you want to fling your limbs about. Pay close attention to the lyrics, and you will hear something quite dark and menacing. I love records that give me the feeling Seventeen Seconds by The Cure and Psychocandy by The Jesus And Mary Chain do. I want it to make me feel a bit petrified. That I am surrounded by darkness in a forest, with not much hope of getting out. The kind of music that makes you feel lost, but being found isn’t really high on the priority list.

The Gentle Roar has a strong anthemic feel to it. I’d imagine joggers to enjoy this. I have no idea why, I guess because it sounds quite encouraging. Like you will get to the other side. Probably covered in sweat. The only person who looks good sweating is Alison Mosshart. Anyway.

Instinct is an album that you just lose your shit to. There’s no way this record will make you want to sit still. Play it through your headphones and go for a walk. Walk for as long as you can. Do not care for where you end up. Just keep walking. Sometimes this is all you need in life. Music and a long walk. It is honestly, a perfect record from start to finish. If you’re looking for something euphorically wonderful (like The Knife) then you’re going to find it in Niki And The Dove’s debut record. I mean, it sure is hard to accept that this is a debut record. It’s just so perfect. Mother Protect is 5 minutes of heaven. I’m not one for ever finding fault in anything, I can’t be bothered. I always look for the good, which is probably a really bad trait to have. But, if it was shit- I wouldn’t write about it.

Instinct comes out next Monday, May 14th. BUY.IT.

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