Night Manager.

I love music that sounds like you are drifting through space, or some weird shit. I love music that sounds weird. That makes you pull a stupid facial expression because it is THAT good. The kind if face you pull when you taste something strange, but every part of you wants to keep going because to give up on it, then you’ll probably be missing out. We put enough things to one side, why keep ignoring it?

Okay so, Night Manager I think, are from Brooklyn. B.K. needs to stop it with all these amazing bands. I thought I could handle Friends (the band, not the show. NEVER EVER THAT FUCKING AWFUL SHOW.) They’re from Brooklyn. Home of..the brave? Wait. I don’t know. FOXY BROWN YO. She’s from there. Anyway, fuck it. Night Manager. Get to know.

They have this incredible dreaming state thing going on. Mix that with a surfer feel. Distorted lo-fi vibes. I think I’ve died and gone to musical heaven. Wherever they’ve taken me, I’m truly enjoying right now. It’s like nothing can bother me (my phone keeps going off, but its’s someone I don’t mind talking to.) Their EP, Pizza Pasta (two things I love..being Italian an’ all) has a big drum feel to it. Like a Phil Spector kind of thing, minus the murder. Can I say that? I did. If only I had the willpower to delete that sentence. Cosmonaut has that 60s girl group feel going on. Why aren’t Night Manager huge? Probably because they’re amazing.

I’ve spent the day listening to this band, and it’s been a day well spent. I find it easy to truly fall head first in love with a band then regret my decisions a few days later. However, with Night Manager I know I’ve found a band I’m going to love with all my heart for a long time. I’m too soppy for my own good, I know. But it’s just how I am.

Night Manager make you feel like you are in some kind of trance. The music is soothing and ethereal. That word isn’t used enough. More music needs to be described as that (see Warpaint and Beach House for further justification of this.) Their songs make you want to put on your best ripped jeans, favourite band shirt and just waste the day at the beach. Summer sun, come out. I’m ready. We all are.

Call it whatever you want, but honestly? You cannot deny just how talented Night Manager are.

You can listen to their dreamy lucid sounds at:

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