The Creeping Ivies-Ghost Train EP.



I’ve said it so many many times before- if a piece of music doesn’t scare me then I may not enjoy it. I have to find a terrifying element to it. I’m not entirely sure why. Horror films don’t scare me, I usually have a delightful laughing fit at a really bad part of the time. “OH LOOK THERE’S A LOAD OF BLOOD!!!” Cue me getting the giggles.

A few weeks ago I wrote some words about a band that, with first listen scared me and stole my heart. The Creeping Ivies come from Scotland. Yes, I class everything from Scotland (in a music sense) to be amazing. This all stems from my obsession with Garbage and The Jesus And Mary Chain. I think my logic is perfectly justified right here.

The Creeping Ivies have an EP coming out 1st June. It’s called Ghost Train. It is eerie, dark and wonderfully ghoulish. It will shake up your bones and mind-fuck you in such a glorious way. It feels like a woman who has committed a murder. It is menacing and charming. It is everything I love about music.

I have only one bad thing to say about this EP ; three tracks just aren’t enough. I’ll have this on repeat for as long as I can stay awake in order to feel like I’ve heard a full record. I don’t mind. I could listen to Duncan and Becca all day, every day. I’ll let you in on something, I do it anyway.

Alright, so..Ghost Train is coming out on Jet Black Records and was recorded in a desolate space in Glasgow (okay it may not have been, but it was recorded in Glasgow..I’m just making assumptions for dramatic effect.)

The Creeping Ivies are influenced by two bands that I adore, the Ramones and The Cramps. They have the creepy vibe of The Cramps and the short Punk driven tracks much like the Ramones. Fast, furious and fucking incredible. The fury and vibrations in Becca’s voice makes you want to dance like Debbie Harry in the video to Atomic by Blondie. Shaking on the spot, jolting your limbs in an insane manner.

If you’re looking for something to turn your world upside down, for the better. Or if you constantly think “What Would John Peel Do?” then give yourself up to The Creeping Ivies. If John Peel was still alive, and my goodness I wish he were..The Creeping Ivies probably would’ve done a Peel session by now. Sadly, they never will but it is bands like these that keep everything John Peel dedicated his life to alive.

Check them out and let yourself be freaked out to the core!

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