Record Store Day: The Greatest Day Of The Year.

Tomorrow is my favourite day of the year. Most would regard Christmas or their Birthday as their favourite day of the year, I don’t. I class Record Store Day as THE best day of the year and the most important. I love music more than I can express. It is an obsession, and it is one I will never apologise for having. Record Store Day means the world to me because it gives me hope.

You see, we live in a world where we must have things NOW. We no longer take our time. Nobody has patience. Nobody seeks pleasure in waiting. I do. I feel that there is nothing better than waiting for something, then finally having it in your hands. I do not see the appeal of downloading music. Legally or illegally. Illegally downloading fucking pisses me off no end. But that’s another topic entirely, I could rant about that until my mouth dried up and my tongue fell off. It really gets to me. Another reason as to why Record Store Day is so vital.

The thing is if you download you are missing out. You are depriving yourself of having beautiful artwork in your hands as you lay on your bed listening to the songs. With a record you get that wonderful background noise- you do not get that from downloading. A record is so personal. You really hear every layer of the song so clearly. You feel part of it; you truly connect with the song and band.

Last week, whilst at my mum’s I went through some of my records. I played a record by The Fall on my record player. Every word coming out of Mark E Smith’s mouth was falling into my ears so crystal clear. I felt like I was part of the song. Every instrument was coming through the speakers so clearly, with a crisp sound that you cannot get from a download.

My heart would truly break if they ever stopped making records. Some of the records I own just sound so pure that way, I an’t ever imagine downloading them. It just seems ridiculous. I’d say I’m on my own with this idea- but those who feel the same are probably over the age of 50, again- I am okay with that. I was brought up with that familiar crackling sound. To get me to sleep at night my mum would play this wonderful psychedelic 60s record she had. I was in awe of what I was hearing, I used to pretend I couldn’t sleep just so I could hear the songs. My mum used to play Jefferson Airplane a lot, and when she played White Rabbit she would sing along with Grace Slick and move like Kate Bush. Thing is, she caught on that I just wanted to hear the songs- so she’d play the record over and over until I drifted off.

I’m a sucker for buying 7″ singles. A few months ago I was in a market that had a tiny record stall. I went through a section that called out my name, “Punk and others.” I flicked through. There was about 5 by The Jesus And Mary Chain. I picked them all up and bought them. Hearing their distorted sound through a record player made me appreciate the band even more. That fuzzy sound with lyrics of utter darkness caused me to go back to the first time I heard them, and to feel something more intense. I seek that feeling in everything I listen to. If I don’t feel that way, I won’t enjoy it. I guess it’s because I’m someone who firmly believes- if you heart isn’t in it, then it isn’t right/don’t do it. There’s too much passion in my bones and I have no idea what I am supposed to do.

My life revolves around Music. I find it to be an amazing force that brings people together. There is nothing better than turning to a complete stranger at a gig and knowing they are feeling the same way as you. Such heightened feelings just make you so glad to be alive. I feel, with Record Store Day, it does the same thing. People will go for miles to go to a specific store to get a certain record that is coming out especially. The bond you get is just priceless and something that deserves to have its own day. When a band you love put something special out for this one day, it is a truly magical thing. The band that you obsess over and dream about..when you buy that special release they put out- you feel as if you’re part of something irreplaceable and, you wait another 365 days to get that feeling back.

I have a few records that I have never played. I own one of my favourite songs on 7″. A rare copy of The Model by Kraftwerk. If you ever meet my mum, she’ll probably tell you about my obsession with that song when I was a baby. I used to dance in my nappy to this song and dance with my dog. It was the first song I remember hearing. When I saw it for sale, I just had to have it. I’ve never played it though.

I used to DJ when I was 14/15, and I think that is truly where my love for records really kicked in. I used to be in awe of my Uncle’s record collection, and he’s responsible for my love of Punk and The Jesus And Mary Chain. I used to spend Christmas being in awe of his collection just wishing I had them all. I’ll never have that many records, but still. I’m 25- I’ve got many years to carry on collecting.

Wherever you are in the world tomorrow please make sure you support the nearest record store. Buy something, and treasure it for life. Go home, and play it over and over. Lose yourself in the music and allow your ears to hear something so vital. Allow your body to tremble from the sounds. Most importantly, fall in love with your favourite band all over again, and in a different way.

Everything you need to know about tomorrow can be found here :

Keep music alive- buy a record.

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