Anja McCloskey-Italian Song.

Music can reduce you to tears from its sheer beauty to its utter pain. You simply cannot avoid it. You have that song that makes you cry from pain immediately, and you have one that makes you weep with joy the moment you hear it. Certain parts of the song just fill you with such heightened emotion. This is one of the many many reasons as to why music pretty much rules my life, and always leaves me in awe.

Music can also give you a sense of nostalgia. A feeling that is hard to put into music, but when an artist does it the right way; it is a truly beautiful thing. This is why I have a lot of love and admiration for Anja McCloskey. Her voice just fills you with nostalgia and takes you positively back to the past. I firmly believe that the past should never be touched upon again, but there are certain parts that you just cannot ignore. Anja McCloskey makes you feel okay with visiting it all over again. You have no bad feelings towards it, it just causes a smile to emerge. That’s all you can ask for.

You get this feeling straight away from her new single, Italian Song. As an Italian, I loved the song before I heard it. That’s just my biased opinion coming through again. Every now and then it happens. I use it for the good, never the bad. You should always do things for the good reasons. Maybe this is why not many things go my way but hey- got a pure heart.

The video to Italian Song perfectly compliments the song. It is delicate, hopeful and just makes you feel good. You cannot ask for more from a piece of music.


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