The Whines.

When nothing goes your way, you find something to put you on the right path. You’ll learn who your true buddies are when you are at your lowest. You’ll also realise you’re tougher than you know. There’s a song for every occasion.  I don’t mean bursting out into song every 5 seconds like that horrific programme that ruins other people’s songs, you know the one. There’s probably more than one. Frustration is part of everyday life for us all. You try to ignore it, it creeps up. This is why a sub-genre of music has not let me down. I spoke with my Grandma earlier, and she said..”I’ll confess to you now- I’ve never needed anybody.” I needed to hear that. Especially from her. She’s stubborn and tough. She’s strong but careful. Everything I want to be, she is. Much like mother, Patti Smith and Shirley Manson. But I’m just a delicate soul trying to be tough. That (fake) leather jacket of mine is fooling no one. But it protects me. This is why anything with a lo-fi sound hits me in the heart. There’s another band that have hit me in the heart, and have claimed a spot.

The Whines were brought to my attention by another amazing musician, Stevie from Youthbitch (check ’em out. I wrote about them a couple of days ago.)

If Warpaint turned lo-fi, this is how they’d be. Quick comparison here. Right, you know exactly how Warpaint make me feel. Like I am in a constant state of euphoric bliss. My eyes closed and I’m floating on water. I’m untouchable and nothing is getting in. I’m off-limits to the world when I listen to Warpaint. I’m getting that vibe right now from The Whines. Their slow lo-fi sound is, like Stevie told me-sincere. If a band are honest and open; not to mention true to their art (and heart) I will fall hard for them. The qualities I look for in music is probably what I look for in a girlfriend. But I’ve never ever had any luck with girls. However with music, I’ve gotten pretty lucky with it. Is it a bad thing? If you ask someone who is needy and clingy they will see it as a bad thing. Which is why I see it as a good thing. Your wants and needs are opposites.

The Whines are from Portland (I think there is something in the water there that causes amazing music to be churned out) and are just flawless. Perfect in every dimension possible. I want to be their chum and watch them at band practice. Then they take the stage on some muggy Friday night at a bar that is dark and cramped. We’ve all got our best jacket on and our favourite beaten band shirt underneath. I turn to the person next to me, and give them that look that can only be described as, “I dig them for the same reasons as you.” This is personal. This is honest. This is giving me a bit of hope. You can be 25 and hopeless. I don’t recommend it, but hey- it happens. The world owes you nothing, so go on and take on the world.

I feel like I can when I have this lo-fi sound pulsating through my eager ears.

If you’re looking for a band that are going to make you feel RIGHT and that it is okay to feel a bit unsure; check them out. The honesty comes across so strongly because vocalist, Karianne sings in a believable way. By this I mean, you can really feel the frustrations in her voice. Also check out the compilations from Gnar Tapes, a Portland label involved with the band and Youthbitch too I think. Super cool bands on it. Worth investing in for sure.

If you’re not going to be honest and give it your all- then don’t bother. That’s what I’ve taken from this. Go with it man, go with it.

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