I Am In Love.

Mondays are shit. Sometimes the rest of the week is too. You know when you wake up and think, “Can I just sleep away this week because its going to be pointless?” That happened this morning. So far, it has proven to be a waste of time being awake. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy being asleep is a LIAR. It’s wonderful. No one can annoy you and no one can ask things of you. But the thing is, when you’re awake you can expose yourself to some brilliant things such as a nice film, a book that just grips you or in my case (currently) a band that make you glad you got up this morning.

I Am In Love (I’m not, it’s the band’s name) formed in Leicester about two years ago, and are now based in London. They make music that is dark, intense with an electro vibe. So it is really no surprise that I love them is it. I love anything that is dark and intense. I’m not too keen on intense people though. I like calm things. I like quiet. But I like music to be the opposite of this. I guess it’s because I want the opposite of what  I am. Yet, I’m still trying to figure that shit out. Summertime in the UK is about as trusting as a Pimp’s smile (I have no idea, go with it) but with bands like I Am In Love, you constantly have that Summer feel going right around you as you listen to them. I Want You is probably for now, my favourite track by them. It makes you want to watch the Sunset and think about the one you cannot have. Then you probably drink a litre of whiskey to think about something else. AMEN! I probably shouldn’t type things like that, but I’m just being realistic. I could drink whiskey listening to this band. I could also sit on a beach listening to them (I will never stop pleading with anyone to take me to L.A.)

Music always gives you a sense of escapism. Whether it is to be reassured that everything is okay, or to feel like you are not alone with wanting to transport yourself far away. Music is a solid thing. It’s there at 4am when the lights are out and the phones are off.

I Am In Love are a band I could be content with listening to whilst on the piss-ridden night bus at 3am, falling in and out of sleep on the bus with glare of the street lights bouncing off the glass. And the mental drunk person yelling “WHERE ARE THE SEATS” or something equally entertaining. You’d slip out a smirk because in a way, you are in a state of bliss. Music just touches you in a way a friend/relative/lover can’t. Music reaches that apparent untouchable place. I Am In Love do exactly that.

Everything about them is what makes me fall in love with new music. Most of the time I’d probably be okay with listening to old bands. but every now and then your ears are blessed with something new that moves you. Palm (their new single) is out 25th May, for the love of all things right in the world- get your hands on it. It will make you want to dance and probably cry. The vocals resemble a plea for everything to stop. The music makes you glad everything is still going. It’ll toy with your emotions.

I Am In Love are a euphoric band that leave in you a trance. Keep swaying, keep listening. Sing your heart out to their songs. It’ll feel like a huge healing process, something which lets face it- we are all seeking. The past is a ghost, don’t let it haunt or rule you.

I Am In Love deserve to be huge this year. Here’s hoping it happens. It needs to bloody happen.

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