Xray Eyeballs.

There is probably no better feeling than hearing something for the first time and just totally falling for it. You hit the repeat button and by the third listen, you know every word. Nobody else does. Sometimes, you’ve just got to share this with someone. Anyone. You see, you get these people who are all..”I LOVE THIS BAND AND I REFUSE TO LET ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THEM.” Well, you’re daft. Sharing is caring. And, I’m a pretty caring person. Probably too much to be honest. Whatever. It just annoys me when people do this. Do you really think a band want YOU to be the only person that listens to them? NO. If they did, they wouldn’t play shows or sell their records. I ould rant about how much this gets to me, but not today. Instead, I’m going to share a band with you. I mean it’s up to you if you actually check them out.

Do you love The Cure? Did you love Doll And The Kicks?Do you love hypnotising bass lines? Do you love drums that make you thrash your body out in an unsexy way causing you to break out into an intense sweat within seconds? If you’ve said yes to any of this, then you’ll probably love Xray Eyeballs.

The band name fascinated me. It sounds dark and fucking creepy. I was praying that they sounded this way. I really don’t think I’d have been okay if they didn’t. So I listened. It was intense. It was dark. It was eerie. So dark. Everything I started to hear just made so much sense, but I’m not sure what of. Every so often I have some kind of epiphany whilst listening to band. Something clicks. The cogs turn. I have no idea. Something just happens. And it is happening right now, again. As I listen to Xray Eyeballs. As dark as their music sounds, something is coming alive inside. I don’t know what it is. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day, or my life trying to work out what is happening right now. I don’t know if anyone else will get this from listening to them. But, maybe you’ve had this happen to you before when you’ve heard a band for the first time. They pull something out of you that maybe you’ve been fighting to hide/destroy for so long. I guess you should just go with it.

I really dig Gotham Low Lifes. I love the build-up. I love how it builds and builds during the last-minute of so. Then all you can hear are thumping drums. It resembles, to me- the heart. The heart as you step closer to something you fear. Something is chasing you, and as it creeps up you start to realise you’ve got to give in. Crash and burn. Crash and learn. It’s cool. Always.

It’s not like I’m getting life lessons from Xray Eyeballs. I’m getting so much more. I’m not sure what. Maybe it is going to bug me that I cannot figure it out just yet. Their sound is the sound I love. It’s something I cannot describe because I don’t want to get it wrong and insult the band. I mean, I really fucking love these guys so I’d never do that. But sometimes, I say things that get taken the wrong way so..but basically, their sound is RIGHT.

Brooklyn….Brooklyn. You’ve gone and done it again haven’t you. Don’t ever stop.


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