The 13th Pillar.

4 03 2012

I’m writing this for two reasons. 1- the band are fucking AMAZING and 2- the guitarist is my Uncle.

As I’ve mentioned in a few things I’ve written, my Uncle has gotten me into some bands. Bands that have changed my life, saved my life and given it meaning. I have no idea what my life would be like if I didn’t ever get familiar with Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground and Nick Cave. His music taste is pretty much perfect. I guess you can call this a wee thank you to him for the music he’s given me. So I’m returning the favour by writing about his band.

I don’t feel weird writing this. No one has told me to do it. I just think it is time. Given that I listen to mainly Garage rock, this just has to be done. This music will creep you out. Everything about this is just everything I love. This is the kind of music that makes you think you’re in the 60s wearing your beaten leather jacket avoiding eye contact with people you don’t like. It is just so bloody perfect.

My favourite track off the record is C’mon Chicken. It is so sinister. I want to hear in the midst of a murder scene in some gruesome and piss poor horror film. You know the kind. If I had my way (and I guess you’re lucky I never will) The 13th Pillar would be as big as half the mainstream shit you are forced to listen to. DON’T GIVE INTO IT! GO listen to these guys, you need them.

If you love the atmosphere you get from The Jesus And Mary Chain, the bluesy feeling you get from the Velvet Underground. The way a certain vocal stays with you, or how a riff just makes your soul feel like it has been shaken to the very core, a bass-line that makes you want to throw your limbs about, a drum-beat that makes you nod your head so much you feel like you’ve developed a twitch- this is the band for you.

I’d listen to these guys even if the guitarist wasn’t my Uncle. If a friend of mine heard a band and thought, “That’s a Olivia band!” They’d say it about The 13th Pillar for sure.

Listen to them. Love them.



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