Camila Grey.


I wrote this about a week ago..maybe a bit longer? I lose track. Me and the concept of time just do not go together at all. I don’t own a watch. I just don’t like having to schedule stuff. Anyway, I wrote this little thing about Cam from Uh Huh Her. Except what I wanted to do was write about her as musician. Not as..well, anything but I guess. You know what happened? BAD SHIT HAPPENED. I was called various things and got some wonderfully shit messages from people who evidently took this the wrong way. You see, they failed to see that I was writing about a musician and just got mad possessive over an actress that USED to be in The L Word. Oh, and just so we’re clear- The L Word was a TV show. Shane was a fictional character, she doesn’t exist. You are not her, so please lesbians- stop trying to act like her. However, I’m aware that many try to emulate this character in order to get some vagina. Be yourself. That’s more attractive (however, I’m constantly myself and no one wants to know but..hey, why listen to me right?!) It pissed me off because I stupidly put a lot into writing about Cam. I admire and respect her, as a musician. Yes I know she is highly attractive (as is Leisha, I know.) But I wrote it as a profile of a musician that’s been around for some time now, and I personally felt that her work needed to be recognised. Not just as a member of Uh Huh Her. However, it turns out I was wrong to do that because some that cling onto The L Word had a problem. So, I deleted it. I thought, why should I even bother. I’ll just stick to writing about Garage Rock bands or whatever and leave out anything else. FUCK THAT. I’ve changed some parts, and this is staying. If you cannot see that this is about a musician called Camila Grey- then don’t read it. Just don’t bother. If you feel the need to slag this off, why bother? Go do something productive with your time rather than missing the point on something purely innocent.

So here, have some kind of article about a musician that I just admire, that’s all. Let’s try do this without the negativity from some, alright?

I guess I could’ve just written this about the band, but let’s be honest most know who Leisha Hailey is and what her past music endeavours were (The Murmurs then re-named Gush in 2001..) But, I feel for some horrible reason people are lacking their knowledge on Camila Grey. So, as I am a sadcase who has no life- I’m going to write about her. And guess what? I won’t be mentioning how hot she is. It’s about the music right now, but yes..she is very beautiful. Anyone with eyes can see that.

So here’s what you need to know. Cam isn’t just some beautiful woman prancing about with instruments. Oh no, she’s not like that. Actually, before I go into detail about her past music deal, I’m going to mention something that caused me to have a mild fit. I was watching an interview of Cam a while ago, and she was mentioning bands she liked. I kind of already knew she probably had a solid music taste judging by the music she makes. So, she lists a couple of bands then BAM! She mentions a band that I have loved since I was a baby. I had their music played to me at a very young age, and partially the reason as to why I’ve always been drawn to lyrics. She mentioned The Fall. Camila Greys digs THE FALL. Fucking..Mark E Smith. She is a fan of one of the best bands to have EVER come from Manchester. You really cannot imagine my reaction to this. I felt like someone had told me I had won the lottery or some shit. I think I yelled “FUCK OFF!!!” at the computer as she said it. I couldn’t get my head around it. You never really hear someone mention The Fall anymore, I have no idea why as they are such a vital band. Mark E Smith’s way with words is hilarious and accurate, for someone who I think is nothing short of amazing to mention The Fall? No words. Honestly. Oh, and she collects vinyl- so combine all these factors and you pretty much have my favourite person in life that I have never met. Just watch this clip :

Right, I’ve had my brief outburst as to why I personally think she’s amazing. Now I’ll be a bit more “professional.” Oh, before I continue- I stand by my wish to sit in a pub with her and discuss The Fall. I own a few albums on vinyl, and I think her and I need to discuss The Fall together. Can someone make it happen? Thanks.

Cam was educated at Berklee College of Music. She met her former band mate of Mellowdrone (listen to them, seriously they were/are pretty damn good) Jonathan Bates there. She’s worked with Busta Rhymes, in my head this means she has done a rap album with him full of mental freestyles over blues samples..and it has yet to be released. The world isn’t ready. This is what goes on in my head, and sometimes I worry myself. Would be pretty cool if we ever heard Cam rap, right? Oh wait..what?

I think this justifies my idea that she has done a rap album with Dr.Dre and Busta. And as you know, she also toured with Adam Lambert. I think he may have rapped on the record too. Probably did a little beatbox freestyle. This has to happen. Can we make this happen? I know I said I was going to be “professional” with this, but I’ve clearly messed that up.

Alright, so what I love about Cam (I don’t want you to think I don’t love Leisha, because I do. I just think more need educating about Camila, that’s all. No bad feelings here.) I love that you can tell she fucking loves music. You read any interview, watch any live performance or read any interview- you can just feel the pure passion she has for music. I got into Uh Huh Her’s music in the summer of 2008. I have no idea how I found their music but I know I was listening to them before I ever watched The L Word. That’s right, I am such a SHIT lesbian. I heard Common Reaction and just thought it was an incredible debut record. I didn’t even know Leisha was in the band. I watched the video to Not A Love Song and thought..”SHE LOOKS FAMILIAR!!! Oh wait..there’s a unicorn.” The fake unicorn impressed me more than it probably should. And because of that, I now stick ice cream cones on the heads of horses… I don’t, just in case any anti-animal cruelty people come knocking. I’m a vegetarian, I love animals. Probably more than I love people. Animals are more loving and compassionate aren’t they. So yeah, I didn’t know Leisha had a band. So I read up about Uh Huh Her, got the record and fell insanely in love. I think I played Common Reaction to death, however I never ever listen to Dreamer. That song ruins me. I don’t care that I’m a stable person now, but listening to that song can make me just fall to pieces. I can’t think about it. Wait Another Day is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I think I now hate how much I can currently sort of relate to it.

After hearing Common Reaction, I went back and listened to their EP, I See Red. The title track is probably my favourite by the band. Although, if you play Another Case to me..I’ll probably do anything you want. Within reason. Oh, and Explode makes me think every single part of me is going to just combust. In short, the band mean a hell of a lot to me. However, when I listen to them at the gym I really don’t enjoy Debris coming on when I’m on the rowing machine and an attractive woman is near me on the treadmill. That song wasn’t made for that kind of situation. It always seems to creep up on me at times where it shouldn’t. But I just love how it has a Grunge feel to it. The guitar..good lord the guitar. That alone is enough to send me funny. If they do this when I see them in April (SHEPARDS BUSH!!) I’ll probably have to leave the room.

Although they’re not hugely popular, I mean who cares- but with a band like Uh Huh Her, you do NEED them in your life. What I admired about them the most is how they self-funded Nocturnes (one of the best records of 2011) It also showed just how loyal their fan base is..even if some are partial to yelling “I LOVE YOU ALICE” at gigs. If that happens on the 24th April, I will NOT be responsible for my actions at all. It’s just disrespectful more than anything.

Have I spoken about Camila enough? I haven’t? Okay. I love her voice. It has a seductive but gentle feel to it. I feel like a right arse typing that, but it is true..isn’t it? Her voice can sound so delicate on some tracks, yet on others she sounds so…I don’t even know what the word is. Just listen to Criminal..then go listen to I See Red. You should be able to get the general gist of what I am getting at. Oh and also she absolutely and amazingly mothereffin’ KILLS the guitar. It is seriously enough to make you want to grab the nearest person to you, and get up in their face and yell “WHY IS THIS THE MOST PERFECT THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.” My friends are already concerned about my welfare and general behaviour at the gig in April. It’s okay. So long as I have a bit of whiskey and a fruit tea, I’ll be totally fine. It’s just after the gig that could be the problem. I’ll compare everything in life to it, and just end up experiencing disappointment. Something which I force myself to never feel, it’s been working just fine in my 25 years on this planet.

So there you have it. A brief rambling as to why I love Camila Grey and as to why she is a bloody incredible musician. I don’t think I’ve done her justice have I? But all I can do is write as a fan who adores those who make amazing music. When you feel some kind of connection to a band, you feed off the love they have for what they do- and it makes you believe in them, and yourself even more. What I learnt from Uh Huh Her, especially with regard to the second album is that you should never EVER compromise who you are to get what you want. Do it your way, and only your way because it is the only way you will reach any kind of satisfaction with yourself, and what you do.

5 thoughts on “Camila Grey.

  1. Thank you for putting this back up. The original article was about an amazing musician and her amazing work, not just someone pretty to look at or that was on a tv show once. Camila is uber talented and along with the other uber talented musician Leisha, make up one of the best bands out there right now. I’m so happy to see articles like this about Uh Huh Her.

    • Thank you. When I saw someone had commented, I thought “Oh we go again!” I’m glad it was a comment like yours! x

  2. a great band lets the music do the talking!
    there are at least a lot of people out here with 2 fully functioning ears; not much, but they are still here and they are always more. they are those who are completely a victim of sound and lyrics; get the satisfaction from music, made the experience that music can heal wounds and guide you through rough times. – nice word you have for them. well done, keep up the good work.

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