The Kills-Baby Says.

3 03 2012

When Blood Pressures came out last year, it was all I listened to. For a solid week it was all I cared for. Thing is, it still is. I play it every single day now. I play every album by The Kills every single day. I just have to do it. If I get to about 9pm and I haven’t heard anything by them, I stop what I’m doing and just go listen to them. They go beyond being a band to me. Blood pressures is a perfect record. There’s gritty moments, there’s soft moments. Like all their records. With each of their records, I’ve always found one or two songs that utterly captivate me in ways I didn’t know a song could. Then I heard Baby Says.

I know they have over 10 years worth of material. All the B-Sides, albums, covers..they have so much. So why did it take a song from their most recent album to have such an impact on me? What is it about Baby Says that just makes it one of Alison and Jamie’s strongest tracks? It is because the lyrics are nothing like I have ever heard before? Is it how wonderfully Jamie plays the guitar during the song? Is it their voices? All of this, plus much more? Of course it is. If I could pinpoint what it is exactly that I love about this song, I would. I think though, I’m going to have to say it is the lyrics. Not just how amazing they truly truly are- but how their voices together, just create a scene in the song that nothing else has ever done. I have no idea how I’m going to do this, but I have Baby Says on repeat to try to help me make sense of the words that I am about to write. (I need more tea!)

“Baby says she’s dying to meet you,
Take you off and make your blood hum,
And tremble like the fairground lights.”

I just love this, what a perfect way to open a song. Everyone knows how the band are influenced by the Velvet Underground. There’s a fine line between being influenced and straight up ripping off. This to me, just sounds like a perfect tribute to them. Jamie has said that the lyrics to this song are the ones he is the proudest of, and so he should be. They are just so bloody amazing. It reads like a poem. Even if you do not like The Kills, just read the lyrics to Baby Says and it will just come across as a beautiful and romantic piece of literature. There are two verses to this song that just make me shut my eyes and think “This is what euphoria feels like.” The first one is :

“Baby says a howl of romance I’ll get.
From all your sleeping dogs, you thugs of God,
I’ll get one yet.”

If I could tell you what this does to me and how it makes me feel, I would. It is one of those verses that makes you think, “Was this written for someone like me?” I have no idea who or what this song is about (I know Jamie sometimes dedicates it to his wife, Kate at gigs) but I like not knowing and being able to just create your own meaning. This is the kind of song that I hope, someone hears and it makes them want to start a band. I write songs, and I cannot play an instrument..but when I heard Baby Says, I took how I write songs in a different direction. However, I rarely show anyone what I write because it is a bit personal know, I can handle someone saying “Oh really are a shit Music Writer.” But if someone read my songs and said something bad, I’d probably cry. You should never mock or belittle a persons feelings. Ever. Feelings are personal. They should never be toyed with, mocked or ignored.

The other verse that just sends me into an internal frenzy is :

“Baby says for all I’ve forsaken,
Make something of all the noise,
And the mess you’re making.
And all the time’s it’s taken.”

Blood Pressures just shows how much they have grown, in so many ways. For me, this verse is one of the best things The Kills have ever written. I love it so much. Favourite part for sure. What I take from this verse is that, no matter what you are doing- or trying to do, if you are creating chaos in the process, just turn it into something positive. You can ALWAYS do it. It doesn’t take something big to realise this, I found it in this song. I guess this song could be my crutch or something. I listen to it, and I just think, “Fuck it..I’m going to amount to something. I’ll make something out of this.” That’s probably not what the song is about, but that verse especially for me, just feels like that. Like I said earlier, and many times before- The Kills go beyond being a band to me. This song is a perfect path to escapism and growing. I’ve cried to this song, I’ve solved things to this song, I’ve gained confidence because of this song. Baby Says makes me feel like there is something. You cannot wait for something, you’ve got to go get it yourself.

If you are broken, play this song. It’ll fix you up real good. If you just want to feel part of something, feel this song. If you want to feel like you’ve got to where you want to be, listen to this song. If you feel like you haven’t quite got there yet, listen to this song and you’ll get there.

Things take time. Look at what The Kills have accomplished in their 10 years as a band. It is something that makes me honoured to be fan. Then I play this song, and I just..I don’t know. A lot of feelings are involved. It has everything I want in a song. Lyrics that just reach me to the core and make me feel okay with how things are.

Blood Pressures made 2011 worth seeing out. It wasn’t the best year, but it is one of the records that made every bad feeling worth living through. Baby Says is one of the few songs that I had playing over and over in my head when it all got too much. When a band can do that to you, nothing in the world can ever compare to it. Nor can anyone ever take it from you.



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